Delight with ‘magic screens’

Wednesday February 13, 2013

Harriette Leidich

Christmas came and went so fast I hardly had time to think about all the joys of the season. Nevertheless it was one of the most enjoyable times for me as my little family assembled to enjoy getting together. And believe it or not we’re already talking about next year’s reunion.

One plus for me though was the afterglow of a fine Christmas meal as my family gathered around the fireplace to reminisce after the opening of many packages that surrounded the tree. There was a glowing fire in the Russian stove part of my son’s home and we were all in a reminiscing mood.

My long life seemed to be the main topic of the evening and the children wanted to know about places where I had spent parts of my long life. Out came those "magic screens" that can bring up pictures of just about anything. The younger folks wanted to know about the little town of Griswold, Iowa where I was born and scrolled to its main street. I thought Griswold was a good sized town of about 3,000 when I lived there but today the screen revealed it to be about 1,000. The screen showed streets I vaguely remembered, the school where I attended six grades, and other buildings I recalled.

After that the family wanted to know about the other small town in Kansas where we had the little newspaper plant. It was amazing to look at those images and remember them as being a part of my long life.

I have to conclude that those magic screens brought back many wonderful memories and I just may get one for myself.


Since I am mostly homebound I find it is a delightful interlude when friends drop in just to chat. The range of subjects we cover in these informal gatherings surprises me. Nevertheless I find that the subject matter brings them back for another chat.


Green Mountain Power is carrying on the policy of sending its customers a little page of things to do to make their service the best. One bit of advice is particularly appropriate today as downed limbs with coatings of ice on them is worth heeding.

I believe the new company will keep us informed about safety.

They want us to be prepared if storms come. So when you get your monthly statement please read what they are telling us to do to keep safe in case of trouble.

Harriette Leidich lives in North Bennington.


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