Cycle club, bike route planners preview ‘Greenway' route


BENNINGTON -- Members of the Bennington Cycle Club will be joining the Western New England Greenway committee for a bike ride on Wednesday, July 23, to preview the selected course for the multi-segment, multi-state bike route.

At least nine members of the Greenway committee will start their ride over the weekend in Burlington to meet members of the local cycle club in East Arlington for a day's ride through Bennington, to Williamstown, Massachusetts.

The cyclists plan to arrive at the Safford Mills Inn, 722 Main St., Bennington, at noon on Wednesday for lunch before they continue.

Although the cycle club is only joining the ride for a day, the committee members will travel the majority of the proposed Greenway to Norwalk, Connecticut. Final approval and establishment of the Greenway could take place within two years, connecting bike routes in New York City and Montreal, following mostly along US Route 7.

The planning committee meets at the Bennington Museum once a year, which is when local cycle club member Bruce Lierman's interest piqued. "I've always been very interested in bicycle touring, and when I read about the planning of the Greenway, I got involved," he said.

Lierman said Wednesday's event will give local cyclists a sneak peek at the proposed route. "This will be our first chance to get impressions from others about what they think about the roads we've chosen and to give them a general idea."

By the time it's established, the Greenway will be a part of the National Corridor Plan, a bicycle route system on America's roads and trails. Lierman said that extending a route through Vermont is a good economic opportunity.

"Touring cyclists need a place to eat every 15 miles and a place to sleep every 50 to 60 miles," Lierman said. "It's a great way to boost tourism in local communities in Vermont."

To learn more about the Greenway, visit For more information about the National Corridor Plan, visit the Adventure Cycling Association at

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