Commentary: Vote on Election Day, Nov 8.


On Tuesday, Nov. 8 we will make a momentous decision whether or not our great country will remain a free market, constitutional democracy. The stakes could not be higher. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, it will mean the end of the America we know and love.

To defeat Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will need to use every weapon in his arsenal, including animating his base to get them out to vote. Then he must attract the Bernie Sanders voters by appealing to their essential populism. He then must keep Hillary under constant pressure and on the defensive by revisiting her various scandals, lies, flip-flops and failures in her record. Donald knows that Hillary makes mistakes under pressure — confronted with her past she resorts to lies, evasions, and distortions. When caught in her misstatements, she lies again and again. By constantly calling her "Corrupt Hillary", Trump hammers away at her scandals, her lies, and evasions..

Will Hillary's handlers prepare her for these attacks, scripting her replies? They won't because they are terrified of her. They can't sit down with her and discuss how she handled Bill's sexually predatory conduct: nor can they ask her about private servers, e-mails; Benghazi, or her theft of the White House china; or the pardon of her brothers secured in return for fees; or the quid pro quo she gave to those who paid Bill for speeches. If they dared to ask or even raise these topics, she'd take their heads off and they would never be seen in her campaign again.

Campaign consultants when handling and protecting their candidate have to know the full truth, and unless they do, the truth will come back to bite them and their candidate. You can't defend a scandal if you don't know what really happened. Hillary will never ever tell her handlers the truth. It is likely she never admits the truth to herself — denial is her way of life. It's how she keeps going every day. She will never breech that wall of denial unless forced to do so, and no advisor, consultant or handler has the clout or security to make her tell the truth. So when Donald challenges Hillary, it will be like peeling an onion, each time we disprove one layer of denial, another will take its place. Hillary's denial strategy will blow up in her face, and on the campaign trail, she will hang herself by lying and covering up. The key is to keep her under pressure.

Hillary's blatant breach of law and of national security ranks high on her list of negatives, but Trump won't ignore the idiocy of her excuses. We've listened to her talking points about why she won't release the transcripts of the paid speeches she's made. We've heard her say she'll do it when everyone else does and not before then. We've heard her say that everyone did it — other secretaries of state like Powell, Albright and Kissinger gave paid speeches. Trump will point out the flaw in her silly argument — that none of these secretaries were running for president and could do favors down the line. This is why people, foreign and domestic paid Hillary such exorbitant speaking fees — not because they wanted to hear her view of the world, but because they wanted to create an IOU. Trump will flatten her arguments and repeatedly point why she is a criminally flawed candidate.

As I've been saying, there is a difference between a flawed versus a criminally flawed candidate. When voting this coming election day, make an educated determination and vote your conscience.

— Perry Green is the chairman of the Manchester Republican Party

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