Bike race volunteers needed

Saturday March 16, 2013

Volunteer for Local Bike Races. Anthem Sports is hosting three local bike races and is in need of road marshal volunteers.

The first race is the BattenSpring Classic on March 24 in Salem, N.Y.Racers ride a 13-mile loop a designated amount of times, depending on their category ranking. Twenty volunteers (10 of them road marshal volunteers are needed for approximately 4 hours.

The second race is the Tour of the Battenkill on April 13 & 14 in Cambridge, N.Y. Racers ride a 64-mile course through many towns in Southern Washington County. One hundred and sixty road marshal volunteers are needed for approximately 6-hour shifts both days. Some shifts are shorter depending on post location.

The third race is the Tour of the Dragons on May 4 & 5 in Bennington/Manchester, VT. On Saturday the 4th, 45 volunteers are needed and for Sunday the 5th, 73volunteers would be needed.

Volunteers need to be 18 or older and training is available. For more details and to register, please go to and click on the bike race for which you want to volunteer.

It is a great way to participate in a community event and to enjoy bike racing at its best!


Director of Volunteers Anthem Sports Just another person not happy with bank plans

I agree with Merritt Hewitt that North Bennington needs to keep our bank right where it is.

Seniors from Homestead Greene and the Mews need it there. Some seniors no longer drive but can still walk to the Merchants Bank to cash their Social Security checks and do their other banking.

My first loan was from that bank, way back when. Mr. Jones was president and Art Wickendon worked there.

They believed in helping people. My loan was to buy our house in Arlington that I lived in over fifty years. It is still standing and lived in.


North Bennington

Thanks to all voters for their support

MAU and CDC Boards I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the voters for their support in voting to re-elect me this election. I will continue to work hard and keep an open mine in an effort to provide a sound Educational environment for continuous improvement.

Once again thank you for your support.


North Bennington

Sorry Turning Point
was not funded

Elections cause disappointment for some and I'd like to publicly express mine. The only article that didn't pass (Shaftsbury election) was $2,500 for the Turning Point Center in Bennington. The center provides a huge support for the anonymous people that walk through those doors each day. Sometimes a meeting is all stands between recovery and relapse. Alcohol and drug addiction affect many in our community. We must support recovery. Between now and next year's election, I hope the Shaftsbury community realizes the incredible value of Turning Point and will choose to support their mission.




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