Bigger than biceps: Simple steps to take to lose weight


BENNINGTON>> When it comes to losing weight, results act as inspiration to keep on going, but they may not always be attainable or obvious. John Wooden once said, "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." To keep consistent motivation, you must take little steps toward your ultimate goal.

Some think that taking a step into a gym is the first thing to do when trying to lose weight, and it could be, but there's other things you can do in addition to working out and eating healthy. You can lose weight while you're at work, doing dishes and or even taking care of children.

If you're like me, driving long distances to and from work every day on top of sitting down at a desk for eight hours gets old quickly and can also be harmful to the lower backs. To help this, request a stand-up desk, a stability ball, or buy a folding desk that you can put a laptop on and raise up. Even if you don't want to stand all day long, it'll make it so you have the option to still work while not making back pains worse. By sitting on a stability ball, you're using your abdominals all day long to keep stable and upright as well as to roll around and stretch out your lower back.

A study published in the European Heart Journal last July stated that sitting too long can be linked to increased blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which eventually leads to added weight, diabetes and heart issues. Buying a Fitbit step tracker is one way to make sure you're walking and standing enough throughout the day. To put it in perspective, I found that my Fitbit friends who are stationary, chalk up 5,000 steps, where the average goal for all first users is 10,000 and if I don't workout, I can say that I barely make 7,000 steps on any given weekday.

At home, there are so many exercises that can be done. Do squats in the shower, calf raises while doing dishes and squats while cradling the baby to sleep. If you're a weekly television show follower, do push ups and jumping jacks during the commercial breaks instead of chomping on more than one serving of potato chips. You can even turn house cleaning into a workout with some extra pushes and pulls with the vacuum or deadlifts with a heavy laundry basket. You might dread the two flights of stairs from the basement to the top floor, but that's just 50 more steps you might have not gotten if you didn't decide to do laundry.

Other suggestions from Prevention magazine include:

• Use a wooden spoon to mix baking ingredients instead of an hand mixer.

• Rather than yell to talk to family members in other rooms, walk over to talk to them.

• Hand-wash your car instead of taking it through a car wash.

• Walk to the mailbox instead of checking the mail from your car.

• While listening to books on tape, walk, clean or garden.

• Stand up or pace around when talking on the phone.

• Take the stairs versus the elevator

If you're stumped for results at the gym, making these simple changes will help you trek along to increase your stamina and strength performing everyday activities.

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