Bigger Than Biceps: Drink beer while maintaining a figure


From Monday to Friday afternoon, most people have their diet together, myself included. But we all know once it's quitting time, nothing tastes better than a glass of wine, ice cold beer or a fruit mixed drink. The problem being the amount of liquid calories you consume before a delicious fried dinner. That's just Friday night. Saturday and Sunday are still to come.

Since my discovery of India Pale Ale (IPA), I vowed to never pick up a cheap, 'lite' beer again. The craftsmanship and effort behind brewing a craft beer, meeting the brewers and tasting the different flavors is what makes it the most attractive. I know microbreweries are popping up all over the place, but they're by people I know and ones I can meet at the bar versus a middle man or big corporation.

With that being said, I won't let a beer belly stand in my way of a tasty IPA. Working out regularly also helps to curb the carb impact. That's really the only damage to be worried about, bloatness and a beer belly. Beer is well-known for being high in carbs and calories, but I say it's worth it.

The science behind this is cheap beer isn't good, but people drink a lot of it to get drunk Why do that when you can pay a little bit more and drink a high alcohol content beer and cut half the calories?

Wine and liquor on the other hand is a bit less damaging. I see many articles on the internet talking about how drinking wine before bed can help you lose weight. I'm here to debunk that click-bait headline because the only thing it's going to do is cure the sweet tooth and substitute for what you wanted to snack on. They also have a higher alcohol content or ABV, alcohol percent by volume. Liquor is typically about 30 to 40 percent and up, when served straight and wine is in the teens, generally 12 to 15 percent. You also avoid bloatness. Use GetDrunkNotFat for calorie reference.

My point is, choose your drink wisely. Not only do some have more calories than others, but they have other health benefits. The New York Times highlighted some of the advantages last year. While drinking too much can hinder your health, moderate drinking decreases the rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and death. There have been various studies with rats and people. One group doesn't drink at all, one drinks moderately and the other consumes more than two drinks per day. The result was that the moderate drinker had a decreased risk of death.

Health covers everything that has to do with the human body and what you put into the body will directly reflect how you feel and how you operate. Some alcohol will make you gain weight, but consuming a glass of wine per night could help your heart, increase your years of life and potentially avoid diabetes. It's not all definite, and it is to be stressed that a bottle of liquor down the hatch each night will bring you more than just a headache.

Be responsible, but enjoy your savory cabernet, hoppy 8 percent ABV IPA, and fruity cosmopolitan as long as you take care of the only body you'll have while enjoying life.

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