Bennington woman accused of selling heroin


BENNINGTON -- A Gage Street woman is accused of acting as the "middle man" in a number of heroin transactions, at least one of which involved an apartment building on North Street which police raided in mid-January.

Kristin Long, 32, pleaded not guilty Friday in Vermont Superior Court to three felony counts of heroin sale, and three corresponding misdemeanor counts of heroin possession. She was released on the condition that she not have contact with the "cooperating individual" court documents refer to as "CI."

According to one of three affidavits by police assigned to the Vermont Drug Task Force, Long was suspected of being involved in the drug trade around her apartment on Gage Street. CI told police they could purchase a bag of heroin from Long for $25. On Oct. 9, CI was given $25 from a fund the task force uses for such purposes equipped with a listening device, and sent to buy heroin from Long.

Police believed Long would leave her home to fetch the heroin from some one else. They were told by the CI that the person Long gets the heroin from was not home, so the deal looked to be falling through, but less than half an hour later Long told the CI the supplier was home and she would get the heroin.

Members of the task force watched Long go to 216 North St., then leave after a short time.

On Jan. 17 police executed a search warrant at 216 North St. and arrested four people. One of them, Fay Morse, 34, has been arraigned and pleaded not guilty to selling heroin. Police said they cited the three others but they have not appeared in court.

CI told police that $20 was for the heroin bag while $5 went to Long for her services. CI was paid $160 by the task force, and said they had "set the stage" for more purchases from Long. Police tried to set up another buy for $60 of heroin, but Long's source was all out.

On Oct. 16, police paid CI $160 to buy two bags of heroin from Long for $60. According to CI, Long kept one bag as payment for being the courier

Later that day, CI did the same thing, this time buying three bags of heroin with one going to Long as payment for her services.

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