Bennington man pleads not guilty to selling cocaine



BENNINGTON -- A Pleasant Street man was held for lack of $5,000 bail Wednesday after being accused of selling crack cocaine to a police informant on three different occasions.

Ian S. Bundy, 30, pleaded not guilty to three felony charges of cocaine sale, three misdemeanor cocaine possession charges, and a misdemeanor charge of marijuana sale. If he posts bail, he must check in at the Bennington Police Department on a daily basis and is not allowed contact with the police informant.

According to an affidavit by a member of the Vermont Drug Task Force, on July 11 a person police referred to as a "cooperating individual" or CI, purchased eight grams of marijuana from Bundy for $120. This purchase had been set up by police, and CI was paid $150 by the task force.

On Sept. 26, CI told police that Bundy had "graduated" from selling marijuana to selling crack cocaine, so police gave CI $50 to buy a "50 rock" of the drug from Bundy that day.

Police said they watched the transaction take place between Bundy and CI near the 3000 block of Pleasant Street. CI turned over the .4 gram rock of cocaine to police and was paid $160 by the task force for his or her help.

A second drug buy was set up again that day, with the amount of cocaine and price being the same, as well as the location of the sale. Again, CI was paid $160 by the task force.

The third purchase was on Oct. 9. Again, CI was given $50 to buy a "50 rock" of crack cocaine from Bundy, which they did in a parking lot off Depot Street. CI was again paid $160 by the task force for the transaction.

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