Bennington man pleads not guilty to obstructing justice


BENNINGTON -- Police said a man felt threatened by a woman who asked him to drop a statement he made to police that led to the arrest of another male.

McKenzie E. Blume, 27, pleaded not guilty Monday in Vermont Superior Court to a felony charge of attempting to obstruct justice.

According to an affidavit by Vermont State Trooper Travis Hess, on Nov. 11 he spoke to a male on the phone who said that on Nov. 8 he had made a statement to Bennington Police that led to the arrest of another male. The matter was regarding an alleged restraining order violation.

Earlier on Nov. 11 he received a text message from Blume that read, "I cannot believe you would write a statement against Jeff! You are getting involved into something that you and your family do not want to be involved in! If you know what's best for you I suggest you go and get the statement dropped! If not I will have to get involved and write a statement too and you good thing I have saved a text from you! And all of this is hearsay from a third party to a first! So I can do that too!! And I'm sure they don't want to hear what I would say!! Do the good thing and get that statement dropped!!! And stay out of it, its not worth it!!!"

The man replied, saying she was right and he did not know what to do. She responded by repeating her request that he retract his statement.

Blume admitted to sending the text but said she did not intend to sound threatening. The male told State Police he felt like Blume was threatening him and his family.

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