Author looking for Cushman Manufacturing employees for book


BENNINGTON >> I am working on a book about Cushman Manufacturing Company and need to ask the Bennington community for some help.

I am interested in the fact that so many people worked for the Cushman company for many years, sometimes more than one generation of a family. It is not unusual to find that people worked for Cushman's for 30 or 40 years — or even more. When people retired, they were often given mementos. I would like to find as many as possible and photograph them to include in the story of the company and the people who worked there.

Typically retirees were given engraved watches or trays. Occasionally they were given funny things. For instance, in 1968 Carl D. Jolivette, retired maintenance superintendent, was given a watch and a lamp made of welded valves and pipes by the Cushman's. I would love to know that someone still has that lamp.

I would like to ask Bennington residents to show me their Cushman treasures, to bring them out from their attics, basements, collections or antique shops. If they had relatives who worked for Cushman's, I would love to hear about it.

Just take a photo and tell me about your Cushman employee story or memento. It may well be included in the book.

— Susan Bonser


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