Arlington Memorial High School & Middle School second quarter honor roll


ARLINGTON -- Arlington Memorial Middle & High School announces the following names in recognition of their second quarter grades. To qualify for Honor Roll status, students must meet GPA requirements. Principal’s Honors are awarded to the student who has achieved the highest GPA in the class. The Accelerated Program offers a highly rigorous course of study for middle school students.

Grade 12

Principal’s Honors -- Bhumika Patel.

High Honors -- Christopher Daniels, Cathy Farrell, and Caitlin Saunders.

Honors -- Darrin Jennings, Aric Rhodes, and Savannah Pike.

Grade 11

Principal’s Honors -- Olivia Andrew.

High Honors -- Molly Elwell, Lee Krulikowski, Jesse Keel, Christopher Pratt, Cheyenne Prouty, and Rebecca Solari.

Honors -- Hannah Andrew, Devon Jamieson, Julia Lacoste, and Katherine Reed.

Grade 10

Principal’s Honors -- Shivang Patel.

High Honors -- Claire Bushee, Charles Crawford, Brandon Gamble, Maggie Murphy, and Brooke Therriault.

Honors -- Athina Adjawi, Avery Bucchieri, Emily Lampron, and Andrew Spencer.

Grade 9

Principal’s Honors -- Jena Staab.

High Honors -- Leia Ashikawa, Timothy Farrell, Riley Lane, and Elizabeth Fischer.

Honors -- Ashley Calkins, Zachary Rogers, Margaret Smith.

Grade 8

Principal’s Honors -- Richard Davis.

High Honors -- Sofia Luciano, Tanner Robinson. Honors -- Emily Blum, Bailey Cross, Samuel Luciano, Austin McAffry, Brian Morse, Erin Murphy, Saige Snow, and Bailey Therriault.

Grade 7

Principal’s Honors -- Colleen Blomberg.

High Honors -- Erin Kopeski and Daniel Rhodes.

Honors -- Emily Calkins and Trystan McDonough.

Grade 6

Principal’s Honors -- Carolyn Crawford.

High Honors -- Mackenzie Paligo, Lilah Ward, and Kolby Wilkins.

Honors -- Nicholas Grupe, Gabriel Hemendinger, and Haley Mattison. Accelerated Program

Grade 8

Principal’s Honors -- Katheryn Berger.

High Honors -- Jamie Keel and Grace Smith.

Honors -- Geoffrey Gamble, Michaela Mattison, and Kaleigh Ward.

Grade 7

Principal’s Honors -- Shaana Staab.

High Honors -- Anna Freebern, Thomas Jayasankar, Elizabeth Spencer.

Grade 6

Principal’s Honors -- Therese Belnap.

Honors -- Walter Berger.


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