Actor Interview: Paul Romero

Thursday June 20, 2013

What brings you to Bennington? What brings me to Bennington is an opportunity to work at the Oldcastle Theatre. Which is something that I never expected to be as completely enjoyable as it has been. I love this play, I love doing this part, and would be willing to do it for almost forever if somebody asked me to do it. But this theater, this group of people, this location has turned out to be absolutely ideal. Paradise. And I’m having an extraordinary amount of fun.

So this isn’t your first time doing this play?

This is my second time doing this play.

In this same role?

Yes, yes. I did it previously in a small theater in New York State.

How long have you been acting?

My first play was when I was in the 8th grade which would be 1973. I went to Boston University got my bachelors in fine arts and acting, when I graduated from there in 1982. I’ve been a professional actor since 1982, I can’t say I’ve made my living like that every single week but I’ve pretty much had my hand in the whole time.

And you’re a professional actor now?

Yes, I’m lucky enough to pretty much work year round as an actor. When I’m not actually working as a union actor somewhere I spend some time entertaining folks in assisted living communities near my home in Pennsylvania. Just to keep limber.

So you live in Pennsylvania?

I do, I am a Pennsylvania resident out in the Poconos. I lived in New York City for 30 years, I lived in the Chelsea hotel on 23rd Street for the first 15 years and then moved up to Washington Heights. And then I had finally walked every street there is to walk in New York City and I moved to the woods. Actually, one of the things I’m loving about being here is it’s very familiar, because it’s very similar to my home. Except your mountains are much bigger than mine.

What is your favorite role that you’ve done?

Well, I’d hate to sound insincere but this is one of my three favorite roles, Garfinkle in "Other People’s Money" is like the ultimate role that I could actually get. I love him I love playing it, I love the challenges it presents. So it’s one of my three favorite roles.

What is it that you like about this role?

Well, it’s a couple of things. First off for a gentleman of my dimension it’s very rare that you get to play out a love interest who has an actual depth to it. It’s just assumed that character actors like me apparently don’t have feelings. So I really love that.

I really love to play a character that’s as confident as Garfinkle is. He’s extremely confident guy and that is fun to do. Also he’s a really intelligent guy and that is fun to do.

And finally, one of the interesting things about this part is, and I’m sure that other people interpret it differently I have to be clear as far as I’m thinking, that many people approach this part as the villain, the villain of the piece. And what I like about it is he’s both not the villain and also you have the opportunity throughout the evening to change people’s minds about who he is, so I always feel like if I’ve done my job a large portion of the audience will be on my side by the time we get to the final arguments at the end of the play.

And also I like wearing a suit, I have to say. After some of the silly things I’ve worn in my career I like wearing a suit and tie.


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