A secret admirer

Thursday February 28, 2013

Harriette Leidich

By the time this column passes the editor's approval Valentine's Day will have passed. But it gave me a thrill to open my mail on Feb. 14 and find that I have a "secret admirer." Too neat for a female friend, so I assumed I really do have someone who wanted to be my special valentine.

Valentine's Day is second only to Christmas as the most popular day to send cards. It is reported that about 145 million cards are purchased each year. However, valentines are just not a paper product. Flowers, a night out for dinner, candy and perhaps a piece of jewelry also remind people they are special.


I used to attend movies rather frequently but since I moved to the area 18 years ago my attendance at them adds up to only four. It isn't that I don't like movies -- I just don't like to brave the crowds. Also the smell of popcorn -- something I'm not supposed to eat -- and I can't resist buying it.

I guess I remember too vividly the time movie houses used piano music for emphasis.

I must stop living in the past!


I got a late start on my Christmas jigsaw assortment. I have finished two of them and both had "missing pieces." However, I discovered them on the floor and will now pass on the whole puzzle assortment to family and friends.


In a recent supplement in The Banner there was a story about canes. It was something I read in its entirety because I have been using a cane for a number of years. In fact I have four canes standing ready to give me an assist when I walk.

The information stated that despite a rapidly aging population and giant leaps in medical technology the world's most common walking stick is eerily similar to canes from 2000 years ago. Inventors have finally propelled the cane into the modern era. How? By taking vital cues from the most advanced machine on earth -- the human body. A recent study by the Centers for Disease and Prevention revealed a startling fact: 17,000 seniors end up in the emergency rooms due to a fall while using a cane.

The article I'm referring to in the supplement showed a sort of scooter with a tiny wheel on the front. It's my belief that we cane users would look foolish propelling ourselves forward in such a new development. I'll take the old-fashioned cane with a crook on it for my needs!

Harriette Leidich is a retired journalist and a Banner columnist.


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