A change of scenery

Monday July 8, 2013

Harriette Leidich

There’s always some kind person who senses that a change of scenery is needed to pep one up and sweep away the cobwebs. A short walk up the driveway (recommended) doesn’t do enough to help you get away from the humdrum of inactivity indoors. Seeing sights and people is a big help.

That happened when a friend thought I should get away from the everyday humdrum of a semi-shut-in and she invited me to take a ride up the map and visit the Country Store in Weston. This is a famous stopping place where people from all over the world come to visit.

It was a beautiful day weather-wise and we drove off on our jaunt.

It was not a big shopping day so we sat out in the patio enjoying the comfortable climate before we started our shopping spree.

First, though, because it was lunch time, we went to the nearby restaurant and had what we considered a sensible meal. The sandwiches were tasty, not a huge plateful of French fries, and the cooling glass of iced tea with a raspberry flavor delighted us. None of the over-supply of French fries that so often offends us because they are so caloric.

After that we were off to cross the area between the store and cafe and to browse in this mecca of merchandise.

My quest was the purchase of a supply of Postum which I knew the store handled. Soon tiring, I sought a chair. The manager of the store supplied a wheelchair where I could rest a bit. While sitting there my companion asked some clerks how old they thought I was. They missed it by 10 years and that made me feel good. The manager was amazed that I had passed the 101 milestone and disappeared. He soon showed up again with a camera and asked several clerks to stand around me and then he snapped a picture of our little group.

Imagine my surprise to learn that this scene was picked on the Internet and appeared the next day. All in a day’s happening I thought. However, I learned later that it had created the news about my visit to the Country Store.

Finishing up this sequence of happenings we were soon ready for our return trip home.

The end of a perfect day.

But the story does not end there. Soon I was informed that this picture had evoked some interest and was being amplified by other information and so again I was flabbergasted about what comment attaining the 100 year age mark brings.

Harriette Leidich, a resident of North Bennington, is a Banner columnist.


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