9 Shaftsbury properties up for tax sale

Friday August 10, 2012

SHAFTSBURY -- Nine properties are scheduled to go up for tax sale auction on Sept. 7 at 10 a.m. At Cole Hall on Buck Hill Road. The total taxes owed among them is $18,000, according to Merton Snow, delinquent tax collector.

Snow said the total amount owed to the town in delinquent taxes from last year is around $75,000. He said more properties were lined up for possible sale, but after the first notices go out, that prompts many to pay. Snow said most properties that owe taxes are backed by bank mortgages, and the banks typically don’t allow property to be sold in such a fashion.

"I don’t expect more than two or three to go to tax sale," he said.

If a property is sold at a tax sale, the owner has a year to redeem, but interest gets charged on what’s owed, which goes to the person who bought it at the sale. Snow said this is the average amount of tax sales he does in a year. He said he typically tries to have them done in late summer before new bills go out.

-- Keith Whitcomb Jr.


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