As much as 80 percent of the processed food sold in Vermont is a product of modern genetic engineering. An overwhelming majority of registered voters in the state want to to know which 80 percent, according to a new public opinion poll conducted for by the Castleton Polling Institute.

The poll results show 79 percent of respondents support a law to require the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. Vermonters' support for what would be a landmark labeling law surpasses party lines, regional boundaries and differences in age, gender, education and income level.

The constituency showing the most opposition to the labeling law is Republicans, at 27 percent. Otherwise, no group reaches 20 percent opposition. Democrats show the least opposition, with just 9 percent.

About 83 percent of Vermonters under age 65 support the bill.

GMO labeling laws have been proposed in more than two dozens other states to date. Connecticut and Maine have passed legislation that would take effect if other states require labeling, too.

Vermont's proposed law contains no triggers. It would take effect in July 2016.