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    Grief overcomes Mississippi community after slaying of nuns

    08/26/2016 10:16 PM EDT
    LEXINGTON, MISS. >> The two nuns who were killed in Mississippi were by all accounts some of the most friendly, helpful people in town, cooking and caring for anyone in their poor community — making the slayings all the more puzzling. Their car was found abandoned a mile away from their home, and there were signs of a break-in, but police haven't released any leads or suspects in the 
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    Town rallies around Jewish family hit by swastika graffiti
    08/26/2016 10:15 PM EDT - HAVERTOWN, PA. >> A Jewish woman in suburban Philadelphia woke up last week to a spray-painted swastika on her trash bin, and now her neighbors and strangers from other countries are rallying to support her by painting their own garbage cans with flowers, hearts, birds and butterflies. It was a typical Aug. Full Story

    Religion News in Brief
    08/26/2016 10:14 PM EDT - Sunday Events, worship at St. Peter's BENNINGTON >> On the 15th Sunday after Pentecost, August 28, 2016, at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, the Rev. Justin Lanier will preside at Holy Eucharist at 8 a.m, (Rite I) and at the 10 a.m. (Rite II) service, using using the Book of Common Prayer. The service will include music lead by our Organist and Choirmaster, John Riddle, accompanied by the Full Story

    Are France's burkini bans sexist, or liberating?
    08/19/2016 09:43 PM EDT - PARIS >> Male officials are dictating what women can wear on French beaches — and people across a wide swath of French society say that's a good thing. Decrees issued by several mayors this month ban the body-encompassing burkini swimsuit, which France's secular political class says subjugates women and is incompatible with a country whose motto celebrates equality and freedom. Full Story

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    08/19/2016 09:43 PM EDT - Sunday The Federated Church welcomes Dave Younce to the pulpit EAST ARLINGTON >> On Sunday, Aug. 21, the Federated Church of East Arlington is pleased to welcome Dave Younce to deliver the day's message at the 10:00 a.m. Service of Worship. Dave is a native of the Midwest whose family has chosen to raise their children in Southern Vermont. Full Story

    Islamic State recruits have poor grasp of faith
    08/19/2016 09:42 PM EDT - PARIS >> The jihadi employment form asked the new recruits to rate their knowledge of Islam on a scale of one to three. And the Islamic State group applicants, herded into a hangar somewhere at the Syria-Turkey border, turned out to be overwhelmingly deemed ignorant. The extremist group could hardly have hoped for better. Full Story

    Judge blocks Ohio law to divert Planned Parenthood money
    08/12/2016 09:39 PM EDT - COLUMBUS, OHIO >> A federal judge blocked a state law aimed at diverting public money from Planned Parenthood, saying in a Friday ruling that the group stood to suffer "irreparable injury." The Ohio law targets the more than $1.4 million in funding that Planned Parenthood gets through the state's health department. Full Story

    Canada attack suspect dead after police operation in Ontario
    08/12/2016 09:38 PM EDT - TORONTO >> A Canadian man previously banned from associating with Islamic State extremists has been killed as Canada's national police force thwarted what they believed was a suicide bomb plot, a senior police official said. The suspect allegedly planned to use a bomb to carry out a suicide bombing in a public area, a senior Canadian police official said late Wednesday. Full Story

    Future of historic AME Zion Church remains in doubt — but things aren't as bad as you think
    08/12/2016 09:38 PM EDT - GREAT BARRINGTON, MASS. >> The future of the shuttered historic AME Zion Church on Elm Court remains in doubt, but town officials say they'll have a say as to whether it would be razed or altered if it gets sold to a developer. The church, constructed in 1857, was the first African-American church in Berkshire County. Full Story

    Religion News in Brief
    08/12/2016 09:38 PM EDT - 'Fight for the Powerless' at the Federated Church EAST ARLINGTON >> The "Be the Church" Series for the summer continues at the 10:00 a.m. Service of Worship on August 14 at the Federated Church of East Arlington on Ice Pond Road. This week's service and message from the Rev. Kathy Clark is devoted to the theme "Fight for the Powerless. Full Story

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    Doris Day's Charles Manson connection revealed in Mike Love's new book

    A new memoir by Beach Boys frontman Mike Love revisits the surprising connection between movie star Doris Day and notorious serial killer Charles Manson.