Hemmings Motor News would like to thank everyone for their Socks for Seniors donations. We had five local nursing homes excited about this program and we were in need of 520 pairs of socks. We had more than five locations around Bennington and in Hoosick Falls, N.Y., collecting socks for us, including Sacred Heart Saint Francis De Sales Parish Center, Crescent Manor, the Center of Living and Rehabilitation, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Bennington Health and Rehab, the Hoosick Baptist Church and Petersburg Methodist Church in Petersburg, N.Y.

I received a call last week from Kaman Composites Vermont letting us know they were joining our effort and they had collected more than 100 pairs of socks. The Socks for Seniors drive ended on Dec. 15, and we will be delivering 761 pairs of socks to those five nursing homes, along with a couple of places we were unable to reach during the sock drive.


Shaftsbury Re: ‘Christmas’ in ads

In reference to the Bennington Banner, I have two questions: Has political correctness gone too far? Is "Merry Christmas" no longer allowed in the ads? I dare local merchants to put, simply: "Merry Christmas" in their ads.

"Merry Christmas" to all and God Bless America.



’Tis the season to give

The Vermont Foodbank receives more than half of its contributions at the end of the year. We always welcome large contributions, but because we’re serving individuals and families who are hungry and hurting today, even the smallest year end contribution goes a long way.

According to the DMA Nonprofit Federation, the majority of charitable gifts are not the million-dollar gifts we hear about in the news. Donors may give in response to specific appeals, or may prefer to do something throughout the year, making a small gift on a regular schedule, such as a monthly giving program. Giving that way, usually by credit card or checking account deduction, also makes the whole process easier and more automatic.

One reason to spread out our gifts over the year is that most of us are not millionaires. That’s why a regular giving program, such as being a monthly donor, can help both the donor and the charity budget more easily. But even when small donations are received on a more random schedule, today’s efficient charities know how to maximize the gifts’ effectiveness.

At Vermont Foodbank we use 92 cents of every dollar donated to ensure that no one in Vermont goes hungry. Last year, the Vermont Foodbank provided 8.2 Million pounds of food to as many as 86,000 Vermonters in need of food assistance. We could not have done the work without the support of 10 percent of Vermont households who are donors to the foodbank.

Small gifts, of any amount, when multiplied by the millions upon millions of Americans who support our nation’s charities, add up to a great deal that really does make a big difference. In fact, $316 billion of a difference just last year.

So when you read about a millionaire’s gift, just know that in your own way, by making a year-end contribution to your favorite charities, you’re helping just as much, if not more.


Vermont Foodbank, Barre