This writer feels it necessary to give some credit where credit is due. I used to think that because I didn’t experience a serious setback to my medical condition at home, that what some others said might be true: namely that good health care was only available out of town.

I cannot speak for others, but in my case, nothing could be further from the truth. For example, I found that after having been admitted to the hospital recently, although I was only there but four days, I found the whole experience very satisfying.

The degree of professionalism by everyone by everyone at ever level was as good as I have seen anywhere, and better than I have seen in some.

After a few days of successful treatment, I was moved to the Vermont Veteran’s Home. If there was ever an example of excellence in health care, this facility gets the award, in this writer’s opinion. From the folks who clean the building, to the people who administer and direct the operation, if there are issues, as there are bound to be, there are professionals in place to hear these issues.

All in all, I think we have an excellent health care system which most of us are well satisfied with, but the very lifeblood of which is being sucked out by Obamacare, which seems to be nothing more than an extremist style take-over of one sixth of this nation’s economy. We are nuts if we ever let the left get away with talking us out of a tried-and-true good system which can be tweaked a lot easier than scrapping it for a bunch of pie-in-the-sky conditions that show how ridiculous they are, the minute they are put to the test of reality.

Obamacare will only drag us all down into a socialist cesspool, so cleverly promoted by those who can only harp about the green, green grass growing so profusely over the top of it.

If this isn’t a Marxist attempt to kill the American way of life, it will do until one comes along that is recognizable to the people who need to know. We are about to find out that if you don’t like your Uncle Sammy, wait until you see what is right around the corner.