"Where were you when you heard about President Kennedy’s assassination?" was a question often asked by people of my generation following his tragic death. For me, the answer was, "In Mr. Angelo’s 9th grade World History Social Studies class at Hoosick Falls Central School." All these years later, I still remember the dramatic way he shared the unthinkable.

Our class was immersed in one of his challenging lectures when a knock came at the door. Mr. Angelo stepped into the hall where he was told, out of earshot, about the President. Upon re-entering the room he immediately stepped to the chalkboard and wrote: 1865 1881 1901. He then asked us if anyone knew what these dates had in common. After a few moments, one student raised a hand and replied they were all years in which a president of the United States was assassinated. Mr. Angelo then wrote 1963 next to the other dates. Gasps, tears and wide-eyed expressions of shock filled the room. I do not have a clear memory of what happened immediately after we left the classroom to head for our buses on that Friday afternoon, but I do remember being glued to our TV set over the next several days. The newscasts ran hour by hour giving us the details of his death as they became available.

There was no school until after Thanksgiving break.

The assassination of President Kennedy is simply an entry in a history book for many today, but for me, and think I am safe in saying for my classmates, it is a day we will never forget.


Hoosick Falls, N.Y. In support of an early educators union

I am an early educator. I support forming a union with my colleagues because I believe we need to have a voice in the work we do. Who better to know what needs to be done than the people actually doing it? We know what we need to have to run successful programs which meet the needs of children and families while keeping them safe, healthy, happy and engaged. Allow us to use that expertise to inform decisions that are made about our livelihood and the families we are passionate about.

I am pleased that Vermont Early Educators United is working on this and I encourage Bennington legislators to support our efforts. More information can be found at www.kidscountonme.org.


North Bennington