I want to publicly apologize to the families of the names that I mentioned as "characters" in my commentary in the Bennington Banner. I never meant to impugn the good character of the men I mentioned. I am heartily sorry I offended you.

I take full responsibility for poorly constructing my remarks. My intention was never to malign these individuals, but to point out that these "characters" were a part of the fabric of our town and never harmed anyone just as the current crop of characters have never harmed anyone.



Wind turbines destructive to birds

I am writing to the Banner after I read the article in your paper regarding the deaths of Golden and Bald eagles.

The piece actually made me nauseated.

First we almost made them extinct with DDT. Now it looks like we will succeed with the wind towers, only now it's with more species.

The report was about the raptors. How about the songbirds and the geese and ducks and other birds that are killed by man's (Great?) inventions.

I wonder if people know that not only do these wind towers look terrible and kill our birds but they make noise and also vibrate. So if you live near them be prepared for all these things. And remember they can get up to speeds of 170 mph!

We humans are a grevious lot!



Thanks for coverage

On behalf of the Fisher Parent Teacher Group, I would like to thank the Bennington Banner, specifically Education Reporter Beth Conkey and Editor Michelle Karas, for the coverage of the Fisher Elementary School playground fundraising project. The front-page Banner article led to an anonymous donation which, in turn, led to us being able to purchase new equipment by our deadline. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our community newspaper to help support local schools.


Principal, Fisher Elementary School


Students solving the impossible

Kudos to the Bennington College students energy consumption streetlight project. If they need an idea for a future project for energy conservation, I have an idea. I have been aware of the benefits of solar power for some time. One does not have to go far to see recent solar installations. The panel array at Wysocki's dairy in Hoosick on Route 22, the panel array at Custom built Furniture on Route 9 in Hoosick, the panel array on East Road near the deli and the solar field installed at the Green Mountain Race track are examples of recent area solar use.

The future of solar use is coming. I have proposed the use of solar installation on the roofs of the local schools before. The school board is more interested in why we can't do this than why we should do this. Perhaps a future project could be a feasibility study for the use of solar power to reduce the school district's energy cost. The communities benefit would be a tax saving. Think about it. School is in session for 180 days. The solar production would be for 365 days, no days off. The time for such a project is now while there are still federal and state incentives for green energy. Nothing is greener than solar power. Please give this project some thought. I think that the long term benefits are worth the investment.

Thank you.