• Durst: A Bit of Common Sense on Guns - 06/22/2016 09:52 PM EDT

    06/24/2016 08:57 PM EDT
    On one level, it's unsurprising that the Supreme Court deadlocked 4 to 4, after an appeals court split 2 to 1, in considering President Barack Obama's sweeping executive action to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. As a legal matter, this was not an easy call. What makes the outcome so depressing for the country, and such a standard-bearer for failed governance, is that 
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    Our opinion: A slightly less toxic system to protect our health
    06/23/2016 09:18 PM EDT - On Wednesday, Pres. Barack Obama signed into law a sweeping overhaul of the nation's chemical safety standards. "Here in America, folks should have the confidence to know that the laundry detergent we buy isn't going to make us sick, that the mattresses our babies sleep on aren't going to harm them," Obama said at a signing ceremony. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Praise for education reporter

    06/24/2016 04:31 PM EDT
    Praise for education reporter I write this letter to praise the job in which one of your reporters, Derek Carson, has done throughout the past year with regards to covering different events at my school, the Village School of North Bennington. I cannot send enough accolades your way about the professional, articulate, excellent job he has done when covering educational experiences that we have 
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    Letter to the editor: PAVE support not limited by gender, age, or sexual orientation
    06/21/2016 02:41 PM EDT - PAVE support not limited by gender, age, or sexual orientation Project Against Violent Encounters (PAVE) would like to offer a few thoughts following the shooting that happened at Pulse, a gay nightclub, in Orlando, Florida on June 12. PAVE is horrified to hear that this nightclub was a target of transphobic and homophobic violence. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Vermont's moose mismanagement
    06/21/2016 02:36 PM EDT - Vermont's moose mismanagement An open letter to Deb Markowitz, secretary Vermont Agency of Natural Resources I am writing to request that you take two urgent steps: 1) Use your office and authority over the Department of Fish and Wildlife to cancel this year's moose season and 2) appoint a special investigator to launch an inquiry into the decision-making process for this year's moose hunt to Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Government wrong on drug laws
    06/21/2016 02:32 PM EDT - Government wrong on drug laws The growing radicalism of the temperance movement since the days of the American Revolution carries a stinging irony that is not lost in the conflict of drugs today. The influence of the temperance movement persists in the current draconian drug laws that enable legislatures to extend their powers into the minds and behaviors of each of us. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Bruce Lisman is the competent economic leader that we need
    06/21/2016 11:37 AM EDT - Bruce Lisman is the competent economic leader that we need If you ask any student what they want after college, you'll likely find that nine out of ten will say that they simply want a good job. 42,000 young adults are enrolled in our colleges and universities and most are leaving after they receive their education because they can't find work in the Green Mountain state. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Policy committee needs to meet sooner
    06/17/2016 12:07 PM EDT - Policy committee needs to meet sooner Which is more important to parents - notification when their child has been the victim of harassment, or the inconvenience of the administrators? This isn't a ridiculous hypothetical. This was literally the dichotomy set up by Leon Johnson at the most recent SVSU Policy Committee Meeting. Full Story

    Letters to the editor: Support Shaftsbury store
    06/16/2016 02:04 PM EDT - Support local store I have been following the progress on the reopening of the Shaftsbury country store. I have been blessed to have been a resident in Shaftsbury and have many fond memories of the store. Just like many others we were happy to see it reopen. A week and a half ago I had the pleasure to meet the new owner Stephanie and her employees and needles to say I have become a return Full Story

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