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    Another Opinion: Voting rights bill can fix what Court had destroyed

    06/29/2015 09:56 PM EDT
    When the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act two years ago, the five-member majority argued that the nation had moved into a post-racial world that made the act irrelevant. That was nonsense — as Charleston, South Carolina has reminded us. Racism is alive and well, and it is up to the courts and elected officials to confront it. 
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    Reason prevails with high court decision that preserves Obamacare
    06/28/2015 03:22 PM EDT - Do no harm. That's a medical principle, not a legal one. But in its 6-3 decision Thursday, the Roberts court saw through a politically motivated attack on the Affordable Care Act. It found that a system that extended health insurance to millions is operating as legislation meant it to, even if six words in Section 36B of the law are ambiguous. Full Story

    Letter: Cut it out!

    06/29/2015 06:31 AM EDT
    Be aware that the Banner's food article, "A cut above" on June 17 makes our fathers sick and shortens their lives! I was horrified! We know by now that meat and dairy are loaded in addition to unhealthy fats with antibiotics, hormones, dyes, nitrates, and the pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers that our farm animals are being fed in their foods will then be digested by our bodies! 
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    Letter: Sanders and the veterans: True irony
    06/29/2015 06:30 AM EDT - I received two responses to my May 21 letter, "Vermont; Vietnam," from Mr. Schlussel and Mr. Morrow. The letters made their own points, but ignored my fundamental premise completely. Before I continue, I would like to acknowledge that Mr. Morrow is the founder of one of my favorite functionally capitalist entities in town. Full Story

    Letter: Thank you, Banner
    06/29/2015 06:30 AM EDT - As the school year ends, I want to commend and thank Derek Carson and Holly Pelczynski of the Bennington Banner for all of the press that local elementary schools have gotten in the paper this past year. The inspiring stories and the touching photos that go along, have been a welcomed breath of fresh air. Full Story

    Letter: Big boys and their tools
    06/25/2015 07:40 PM EDT - The toys of the job of a police officer, as you so ridiculously call them, advanced through the years as the toys of the criminal had become greater than those issued to our police. Officers train with a new tool they are issued before they can carry it on the street, and that doesn't mean just learning how to use it — it means having it used by another officer on them. Full Story

    06/25/2015 07:40 PM EDT - John F. Kennedy signed a concurrent resolution #25 that was passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives. This resolution called for the ringing of bells at 2 p.m. on the Fourth of July to proclaim the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This resolution also states, "call upon civic and other community leaders to take appropriate steps to encourage public participation such Full Story

    Letters to the Editor
    06/23/2015 11:23 PM EDT - May Day and the inability to pass an intelligent energy policy For two May Days I've stood on the lawn in front of the Capitol building in Montpelier with my two by three pictures of Vermont and New Hampshire mountains depicting the process of being destroyed by the cutting, blasting and bulldozing by green renewable energy facilities. Full Story

    Letter: The board hired new principal
    06/22/2015 06:22 AM EDT - I'm an MAU board member. After two meetings where some community members have objected to the new principal hiring process, her qualifications and the board's selection, the time has come to publicly speak about the decision this board member made. Some are confused and believe a committee was charged with recommending a principal. Full Story

    Review: In Winehouse doc 'Amy,' celebrity is the villain

    Asif Kapadia's Amy Winehouse documentary "Amy" is a slow, tragic zoom out. It begins with the intimacy of home movies and ends in far-away paparazzi footage. Full Story
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    Bristol Palin now says pregnancy was planned

    Daughter of Sarah Palin fired back at critics, after announcing last week she was pregnant.