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Keep your shower walls clean

Life hack: Use a car wax, like Turtle Wax, to keep shower walls clean from soap scum.

How it works: I'm particular about my showers. Soap scum is, to me, unacceptable. So when I read on a bottle of Turtle Wax that it's good for shower walls, I had to try it. It said it was as simple as wiping it on with a cloth.

How it actually worked: I cleaned the shower really well first and then wiped it dry with microfiber cloths. I dabbed some liquid wax onto a dry cloth and applied it to the shower walls (not the floor — I was afraid it would be too slippery.) I let the wax dry for a few minutes and then buffed it with another cloth. It did take a little while and by the end, my arm was a little sore.

Life changing: Yes! I rate this a "10 out of 10." I waxed the shower walls in mid-September. Usually, the walls are soap-scummy and gross within a couple weeks. So far, the shower looks as good as the day I waxed it.

—Ed Damon, Berkshire Eagle Staff