VATICAN CITY >> Casting cancer as a scourge with no boundaries, Vice President Joe Biden came to the Vatican on Friday to call for a global commitment to fund cancer research rooted in appreciation for the real people's lives that doctors and researchers hold in their hands. Biden, who lost a son to cancer last year, used his appearance at a Vatican conference on regenerative medicine to   Full Story
PATNA, INDIA >> With sizzling temperatures claiming more than 300 lives this month in India, officials said Friday they were banning daytime cooking in some parts of the drought-stricken country in a bid to prevent accidental fires that have killed nearly 80 more people. The eastern state of Bihar this week took the unprecedented step of forbidding any cooking between 9 a.   Full Story
WASHINGTON >> Nancy Schumacher says she just wanted to do her civic duty, and so she heeded the call to become a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minnesota, can escape the outrage. "Some of the (phone and email) messages called me names.   Full Story
BEIJING >> China said Thursday it will send a warship and special forces for a multinational exercise next month that is also expected to include troops from the Philippines and other rival claimants in the South China Sea. The May 2-12 maritime security and counterterrorism exercise will feature the militaries of the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, along with   Full Story
MANILA, PHILIPPINES >> Months before Abu Sayyaf militants beheaded retired Canadian mining executive John Ridsdel in the tropical jungles of the southern Philippines, they showed him pleading for life in a video with three other hostages that demanded a record-high ransom. The scene was all too familiar in a Southeast Asian nation that has struggled with ransom kidnappings by the Islamic   Full Story
Bebeto Matthews — The Associated Press
IRVINGTON, N.J. >> In the age of podcasts and streaming services, you might think pirate radio is low on the list of concerns of federal lawmakers and broadcasters. You'd be wrong. They're increasingly worried about its presence in some cities as unlicensed broadcasters commandeer frequencies to play anything from Trinidadian dance music to Haitian call-in shows.   Full Story
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CHICAGO >> Dennis Hastert will step before a federal judge Wednesday to learn his sentence in a hush-money case centered on accusations that the former U.S. House speaker sexually abused at least four students decades ago when he coached wrestling at an Illinois high school. Hastert pleaded guilty last year to breaking banking law as he sought to pay $3.   Full Story
Travis Heying — The Wichita Eagle via AP
OKLAHOMA CITY >> Thunderstorms bearing hail as big as grapefruit and winds approaching hurricane strength lashed portions of the Great Plains on Tuesday, but arrived without the destructive tornadoes that many had worried about for days. A rope tornado brushed fields south of Wichita, Kansas, and another small twister touched down in southwestern Indiana.   Full Story
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KIEV, UKRAINE >> With flowers, candles and tears, Ukraine on Tuesday marked the 30th anniversary of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, the world's worst nuclear disaster. Some survivors said the chaos of that time is etched in their minds forever. A vigil was held at midnight Monday in the Ukrainian town of Slavutych, where many former Chernobyl workers were relocated, and more   Full Story
MANILA, PHILIPPINES >> The Philippine military came under increased pressure Tuesday to rescue more than 20 foreign hostages after their Muslim extremist captors beheaded a Canadian man, but troops face a dilemma in how to succeed without endangering the remaining captives. Abu Sayyaf gunmen beheaded John Ridsdel on Monday in the southern province of Sulu, sparking condemnations and   Full Story
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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA >> South Korea's president said Tuesday that North Korea has almost completed preparations to conduct a fifth nuclear test as the country has reportedly placed a new midrange missile on standby for an impending launch. Pyongyang said two days ago it had successfully test-fired a ballistic missile from a submarine in a continuation of its weapons tests during ongoing South   Full Story
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COLUMBUS, OHIO >> Authorities are scrambling to determine who killed eight family members in a "pre-planned execution" that has shaken residents in their rural southern Ohio community. Attorney General Mike DeWine said at a news conference Sunday that the killings at four homes near the small community of Piketon on Friday was "a sophisticated operation.   Full Story
PROVIDENCE, R.I. >> Donald Trump's rivals are joining forces to deny him the necessary delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination, the latest display of strife in a convulsive 2016 GOP race. Ted Cruz and John Kasich issued near-simultaneous statements Sunday outlining an extraordinary compact that may be unprecedented in modern American politics.   Full Story
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AERZEN, GERMANY >> President Barack Obama on Monday announced the deployment to Syria of an additional 250 U.S. special operations forces to assist local troops who are trying to dislodge Islamic State extremists from their war-torn country, significantly broadening the American presence there.   Full Story
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PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN >> Pakistani police have arrested six suspects in the killing of a Sikh lawmaker and are denying a Taliban claim of responsibility, saying a rival within the Sikh community hired assassins to carry out the shooting. Sardar Suran Singh, a provincial adviser on minority affairs in northwestern Pakistan, was gunned down Friday as he headed home.   Full Story