MILTON (AP) - A Vermont man will be arraigned on charges of attempted murder of his girlfriend and arson after reporting a bear attack that never happened in a drug-fueled incident in Milton.

Police say 28-year-old Lucas Gingras said a bear had attacked him and 44-year-old Ladonna Merriman at a camp on June 18 and a camp stove got knocked setting the cabin on fire.

Police say Gingras had ingested Molly, a form of Ecstasy, and spiked Merriman's drink with the drug.

Police say Gingras said he heard something trying to get into the cabin and set it on fire. Police say Gingras told Merriman to jump off a cliff. She fell 70 feet and remains hospitalized.

Gingras will be arraigned Wednesday. It was not immediately known if he has a lawyer.