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Fire investigators were at the scene of a fatal fire at 3 Record Drive in Brattleboro on Wednesday. The fire started just before midnight on Tuesday.

BRATTLEBORO >> The Brattleboro Fire Department has identified the two people killed in Tuesday's late-night fire at Mountain Home Park as Glen Euber, 42, and Michelle Blake, 52, who were brother and sister. Both were found upstairs on the main living level.

Carroll Page (male), 68, and Sean Stoltz, 27, survived the fire. They lived in the basement. Stoltz received a second-degree burn to his neck.

According to the fire department, the blaze started in the front bedroom, but the cause is undetermined. Brattleboro Fire Chief Michael Bucossi said the investigation has been concluded.

"The cause will remain undetermined," he said.

The Brattleboro Fire Department was called to 3 Record Drive at 11:45 on Tuesday night.

According to the Brattleboro Fire Department, there have been eight deaths caused by fire in Vermont so far this year.

"People need to stay safe in their homes," said Bucossi. "Extinguish smoking materials, don't leave candles and incense burning, limit the use of extension cords and never leave a stove top unattended."

In addition, he said, all home owners should install and maintain working smoke detectors in all levels of their homes.

"They provide early warning in case of a fire to help you escape before it is too late," he said.

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