WOODFORD >> A Florida woman was rescued Monday afternoon after she fractured her femur while hiking on the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail.

Kristin Breen was hiking with her husband Robert when she tripped on a root and badly injured her leg. Robert was able to call 911, and the Bennington Rescue Squad responded at about 10 a.m. With the help of two locals, Jeremiah Hurley and Shawn Hollis, they were able to get a rescue team, including a paramedic, to her location. They then transported her to a staging area on National Forest 273, a dirt road off of Route 9 in Woodford, where she was airlifted out of the forest. The Vermont State Police and the Bennington Rural Fire Department assisted BRS in the operation. Lieutenant Thomas McCoy, of the Vermont State Police's Shaftsbury Barracks, said that the decision on whether to transport Breen to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center or Albany Medical Center would be made after they had a better understanding of her injuries.

This story will be updated with more information as it becomes available.