BENNINGTON >> A man who was accused in May of making threats by phone has entered a plea deal that will see him serve a mostly suspended sentence.

Grant Delaquila, 35, of Bennington, pleaded guilty Friday in Vermont Superior Court to misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest, disturbing the peace by phone, and violating an abuse prevention order.

For disturbing the peace he was he was sentenced to two to four months. For resisting arrest, he received zero to 60 days. For the violation of an abuse prevention order, he received six to 12 months. All of this was suspended, except for 16 days which he received credit for because of the time he had served after being held for lack of bail. He was also placed on probation.

The state dismissed felony charges of obstructing justice, and attempted unlawful trespass, along with misdemeanor counts of stalking, and false information to police.

On a separate docket, he pleaded guilty to one count of violating release conditions while the state dropped the others, those being two more counts of release violations, false information to police, and violating an abuse prevention order.

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