BENNINGTON -- Gov. Peter Shumlin visited with residents at Emeritus at Fillmore Pond Tuesday. The reason for his visit? Shumlin said he was told by Bennington Town Clerk Tim Corcoran that those living there wanted to see him.

During his visit, Shumlin introduced House Rep. Ann Mook, D-Bennington 2-2, who is not seeking reelection, and Rep. Brian Campion, D-Bennington 2-1, who is running for Senate this year. He also introduced Rep. Bill Botzow, D-Pownal/Woodford.

"We count on you to make sure that we keep Vermont a place where we have the best quality of life, where we're safe, and where we take care of each other," said Shumlin. "I'm proud of the work we're all doing together to make this the best place to work, to raise a family, and to ensure that we grow old gracefully."

Shumlin touted the state's efforts to lower its unemployment rate, and said his administration has been targeting the state's drug problem.

"I continue to say that the one thing that threatens our quality of life in this state is drug addiction," he said.

Shumlin was visiting a number of places in Bennington County on Tuesday.

-- Keith Whitcomb Jr.