Vermont Woods Studios owner Peggy Farabaugh (Reformer file photo)
Vermont Woods Studios owner Peggy Farabaugh (Reformer file photo)

VERNON -- A copyright lawsuit that was filed against a local company was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff in late June.

Peggy Farabaugh, of Vermont Woods Studio, said she was relieved when she received the notice of dismissal, but didn't say anything to anybody for nearly a month because she was worried Vincent K. Tylor would file using another lawyer.

"I believe he dropped the lawyers he was using because they weren't registered as a corporation in California, where the suit was filed," she said.

Matthew Chan, of Extortion Letter Info, did some research into the law firm and could find no documentation confirming it was a registered law firm in California. He posted this information on his website on June 24.

Two days later, on June 26, Tylor filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California that he was dismissing the lawsuit without prejudice, which means he may refile in the future.

On July 29, Farabaugh received notice that he had refiled, this time in the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii.

Farabaugh, who owns Vermont Woods Studio with her husband, Ken, was being sued by Tylor in California because a photograph that was used to illustrate the sale of a dining set to a customer in Hawaii, and that she thought was available for reuse through a site that offers free downloads, was in fact copyrighted by Tylor.

In mid-2012, the Farabaughs received a letter from