BENNINGTON -- The Bennington Rescue Squad personnel are sporting new button-down black uniforms and updated identification cards as of June 15.

Rescue executive director Forest Weyen said the new look is both more practical and professional. "These uniforms are designed more for EMS professionals: They stretch where they are supposed to stretch, cooler than you might imagine and designed for rugged use," he said.

No longer recognized by red uniforms, Weyen said the staff is still the same, held to the same expectation of quality care, just with a new look.

"We are a very large provider, so this uniform is indicative of our agency as opposed to the older uniforms," Weyen said. "The staff seem very happy with it.

The Bennington Rescue Squad models their new uniforms.
The Bennington Rescue Squad models their new uniforms. (Supplied photo)
They agree that we have a much more professional appearance."

Supervisors and squad leaders will be equipped with the same uniforms; however will remain in white. All personnel have also been issued updated identification badges that include their picture, full name and the level of service they provide.

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