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James Morgan stands in his flooded North Pownal yard Monday after an ice jam on a tributary of the Hoosic River caused flooding in the neighborhood. (Keith Whitcomb Jr.)

NORTH POWNAL -- An ice jam on a tributary of the Hoosic River caused flooding Monday in a neighborhood off Route 346, near the North Pownal Post Office.

Select Board Chairman Steven Kauppi was at the scene of the flooding Monday afternoon and was able to summon an excavator to clear the jam, along with a log. He said the flooding had not gotten worse since Monday morning, but with temperatures expected to dive again in the evening it was best to remove it.

He said had the river frozen, the problem would have intensified today.

According to scanner reports, the Pownal Valley Fire Department was called to provide a generator and lighting.

"We get water every year, usually in the spring," said James Morgan, who lives near the flooding.

The receding water left large chunks of ice on residents' lawns. One mobile home had water surrounding it, and one resident was pumping water from their basement.

Heather Shartrand, who bought her Route 346 home over the summer, said the flooding came as a surprise. "They said it hadn't flooded in years," she said.

She lives with Chris Gleason, who said he feared for the contents of a garage in their back yard where the ice jam was sending water. He said he was working on a number of cars in the garage, and earlier that morning had built a levy to divert the water.

"We are a young family trying to start out, and this is not a good way to start out," said Shartrand.

They do have flood insurance, she said.


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