BENNINGTON -- A routine delivery trip from California to Maine took a wrong turn when the driver of a 53-foot-long trailer jackknifed his rig full of L.L. Bean merchandise.

Oscar Chitica, of San Marcos, Calif., was traveling west on Main Street Friday evening when his GPS advised him to turn left onto Burgess Road.

"I took it all the way up here and still didn't make it," said Chitica, motioning to the snow-covered curb.

The Bennington Police Department responded to the scene along with members of the Bennington Fire Department, who were forced to close Route 9 for almost two hours while the truck was extricated.

"We've seen this happen three times in the 12 years that we have lived here," said Jennifer Krijnen, who owns and lives above the Bakkerij Krijnen cafe and bakery with her husband, Hans.

Walt's Towing also responded to the scene, eventually resolving the issue with two tow trucks and the use of Walt Cross' personal vehicle.

Suggestions to disconnect the rig from the trailer were vetoed due to the tilt of the truck and fears held that separating the two parts would increase the chance of instability.

Chitica said Friday was his first time driving through Bennington, and also the first time he has found himself in a position he couldn't get out of during his 13-year career. He said he planned to stay in town on Friday evening and start fresh in the morning.

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