BENNINGTON -- Dressed in blue, at right, Mary Bates Muckle, 73, of North Bennington stands at the four corners in Bennington telling passersby about "Wear Blue Fridays," a no-cost, easy way to show support for members of the American military stationed overseas.

Muckle said she plans to be at the four corners every Friday at noon until all the troops are home. She said she hopes more people will stand with her, or in their home cities. She got the idea from She said her son was in the Navy for 21 years and her fiancé is serving in the military now.

Pictured above, she stands on the far right telling Sue Coxon, far left, of West Stockbridge, Mass. about Wear Blue Friday. Sisters Kate and Hanna Woodard said they would be glad to take up the practice when they return to their homes in Chicago, Ill.

Muckle, who partly owns Rehm-Brandt's Design, said plans to further promote the Wear Blue Friday by commissioning a moose in the same vein as the ones of Moosefest fame, painting it blue, and adorning it with the names and insignias of all of the United States' military branches.