Thursday May 16, 2013


Staff Writer

BENNINGTON -- A South Street woman is felony charges from two separate incidents in which she allegedly dug her fingernails into a nurse’s hand, and entered a woman’s apartment and would not leave when told.

Marcia L. Adams, 50, pleaded not guilty Monday to a second offense of simple assault on a public officer, and unlawful trespassing. She was released on conditions that she not harass Christian Phelps, the nurse she is accused of assaulting, and to not go to the apartment of Laura Rafter. Competency and sanity evaluations were also ordered.

According to an affidavit by Bennington Police Officer Joshua Stemp, on April 3 shortly after 7 a.m. he went to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center where a patient in the emergency room was reported to be out of control. Phelps said Adams had become combative and lunged at another nurse, so he restrained Adams by holding her arms back. He said Adams dug her fingernails into his hand deep enough to break the skin and draw a small amount of blood.

The charge is a felony because Adams has previous convictions of assaulting public officers.

According to another affidavit by Bennington Police Officer John F. Behan, on March 7 he spoke to Rafter, who said the day before Adams had entered her apartment without permission and touched some of her things. Rafter said Adams did not leave when told but did eventually.


She now keeps her door locked, she said.