Tuesday November 13, 2012

BENNINGTON -- Evan Coleman, 11, hopes to someday have a job where he helps people find missing or stolen cars, but for now he has his own problems.

Coleman was recently the subject of a Banner feature photo which depicted him pretending to be a police officer by standing next to a green toy electric car while holding a radar gun, or rather a hair dryer. Coleman had the toy since he was 5 and had it customized with stickers. According to his mother, Jeanne Coleman, of Imperial Avenue, the toy car is missing.

She said they noticed it was gone on the day Hurricane Sandy was supposed to hit the area. Coleman said it was left where it might have been mistaken for "free stuff" so it was not necessarily stolen, but in any event her son would like it back. She said it can be returned no questions asked or if anyone has information they can call 802-442-8687.