Processed foods aren't all bad - it's how they're made

Ah, processed foods. The term has become a sweeping generalization for anything that comes in a bag or a box. Even my nutrition advice usually includes the general statement "eat less processed food and choose fresh food instead." But that sentence …

Ask the Doctors: Patient care top priority for all doctors

Q: Do hospitalized patients really get better care from female doctors compared to men, as a new study — and now many headlines — claim? A: My initial reaction when I saw this study was one of denial. As a man, I viewed the study — …

Study: Your hearing may be damaged by everyday things

Forty million adults have lost some hearing because of noise, and half of them suffered the damage outside the workplace, from everyday exposure to leaf blowers, rock concerts and other loud sounds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …

Try a champagne cocktail that's dressed up

Whether you are a film fanatic or just in it for the gowns, awards season is a no-brainer excuse for a theme party. Hollywood glitz and glamour offers the perfect opportunity to pull out your fancy Champagne flutes and costume jewelry for an affair …

Cheesy baked grits a deeply satisfying staple

A kind of carbo-licious porridge made from dried and coarsely ground corn, grits are to Southern cuisine what potatoes are to Northern cuisine — a deeply satisfying staple. Like squash, tomatoes and deep-pit barbecuing, grits came to define …

Robin Anish: Don't let the weather fool you - it's still stew season

Wow! How spectacular was the past weekend! We've had a taste of spring and it was delicious. It seemed like everyone was running on solar energy. A brilliant sky and temperatures climbing into the 50s in February is just the oomph we need to brave …
Stargazers |On the Wings of Pegasus: Spotting the celestial unicorn

Among the stars of the night sky lie constellations that derive from real and imaginary people, animals and objects, but rarely can anyone trace the images they represent. Take, for example, the flying steed known as Pegasus. I defy anyone to look …

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: eBirds is good guide for beginning bird watchers

Stargazers: Penumbral lunar eclipse on view Friday

A genetic fix to put the taste back in tomatoes

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Where do birds sleep on cold winter nights?

It's not too early to think spring: 4 steps to start seedlings

The weather outside may be frightful, but starting your vegetable garden inside is a delightful way to get a jump on the 2017 outdoor growing season in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont.Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or all thumbs when it …

What exactly is an executive order?

Be picky about who does your taxes

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