Ask Dr. K: Cancer risk soars with hookah smoking

DEAR DOCTOR K: You recently wrote about e-cigarettes not being safe for teens. What about hookahs? I don't completely understand what they are. Are they OK for my teen? I think he might be smoking them. DEAR READER: A hookah is a water pipe …

Myth vs. fact: Schizophrenia: across cultures

Susan grew up in a family of mixed cultural heritage. One parent is Italian, while the other is a combination of English, Irish and German. Growing up, she noticed her parents' responses to illness were very different. Her father was careful to …

4,500 calories: That’s how much we eat on Thanksgiving Day

It's that time of year when we gather around the table with our loved ones and give thanks and then consume 4,500 calories in one day. Wait, 4,500 calories? Really?

Chewy molasses cookies are perfect for the holidays

Holidays equal platters and tins of festive-looking cookies. Cookies with colored icing, cookies with sprinkles, cookies with fillings, cookies with layers. An artistic cookie display is a thing of beauty, that I'll not argue, but I'll reach …

Make chocolate rosemary biscotti for a snack or a gift

I remember the first party I ever hosted. I was 5 and my mom invited all of my kindergarten girlfriends and their moms for a holiday singing gathering. We knoshed on homemade cookies dunked in hot cocoa made from packets of powder dissolved in …

Sneaky ingredient makes fondue that's healthy

Cheese fondue is the ultimate winter comfort food. Living in France in my early 30s, I fell in love with the classic recipe made with crisp white wine and nutty gruyere cheese. One of my favorite spots in Paris was a restaurant whose named …
Stargazers: Measure the stars with a parallax

Astronomers quickly become used to dealing with huge numbers. For example, in any one lecture, I might declare that the sun emits some 400 billion trillion watts of power each second, that our Milky Way Galaxy contains hundreds of billions of …

There's still time to dry out herbs

Prepare your ground now for wildflowers

Naturewatch: Do red-winged blackbirds stick around for winter?

Stargazers: We travel 66,000 mph around the sun

You Asked: Where can you get your fill of local craft beer?

Q: Where can you find craft breweries in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont? A: Whether you want to stock your fridge or give a growler this holiday season, there are several options and opportunities to share local libations. From …

Eco-friendly ideas: Save your leftovers and the planet

You Asked: Why do we have an electoral college?

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