Coverage is lacking

Re: Deficient Vermont News coverage of IT, telecom, VHIE, VITL, GMCB, conflicts, privacy threats, public records accountability, fiber builds, fiber cuts, 911 failures, Ten Year Telecom Plan, toxics other than PFOA, etc.

The only "plausible" hypothesis I can come up with to explain what, on the surface, appears as incompetence or dereliction of duty in the Vermont press corps' failures of journalism is as follows: A quite sophisticated piece of Russian, Israeli or NSA malware has gained entry into the news editors' computers at the Vermont Press Bureau, the AP, WCAX, WPTZ, VTDigger, and VPR, which is scraping keywords and feeding a DarkWeb auction, where the anonymous highest bidder pays to suppress, delay, kill or spin the news stories of greatest public concern.

Please prove me wrong!

— Stephen Whitaker Montpelier