Why no company reps?

I am writing this letter out of concern, anger and frustration. How could it be that not a single representative from Saint Gobain has shown his or her face in North Bennington? This company is responsible for poisoning our friends, families, neighbors and pets. These large corporations move into our communities, spew their toxic chemicals into our air, water and soil, then leave us to pick up the pieces. It is no coincidence that these companies set up shop in lower income communities. Who has the resources to fight these companies and their corporate lawyers? Who was on the job when a local builder and many others complained about the smells coming from ChemFab? I've heard murmurs of barrels that were buried in the parking lot across from the building. What is in these barrels? Shouldn't those be removed and the grounds checked for other possible cover-ups? It is truly sad that our family, friends and neighbors have to pay the ultimate price and no one is held accountable!

— John Dell'Anno Shaftsbury