Graves is outrageous

It wouldn't surprise me to know that many people will read (or maybe just scan) the columns by Alden Graves only to see how outrageous he can be.

Nothing surprising in the "Graves Registry" column that appeared in the January 28th Banner. Alden Graves thinks it foolish (or worse) for Nixon to have to pursued Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy. But clearly Graves has not kept up with the news. Hiss was definitely identified as working for Soviet military intelligence (GRU), according to the Venona documents, which were Soviet cables from the 1940s that were eventually decrypted in the 1990s.

And uncomfortable as Graves may be about it, many people would disagree with calling Ronald Reagan an "amiable dimwit." The Soviet Union fell apart largely because of Reagan's actions. These were not the actions of a dimwit.

If Graves would prefer to write with no regard to the truths of history, perhaps he should confess to being an "amiable dimwit" himself.

— Ellen Perry Berkeley Bennington