Liberal name-calling

It used to bother me a bit when reading liberal columnists and writers when they used derogatory terms when talking about conservatives. But now that there is so much of it I find it kind of amusing.

I have read in the last several weeks of Republicans being described as inane, insane, acting like Nazis, Hitler like, etc.

Not to be outdone, the Banner's own "regular columnist" outdid himself in his column of Thursday, Oct. 29. He managed to squeeze two derogatory phrases into one sentence. I quote, "These inept clowns aren't even good at being lousy human beings any more." Good one.

I don't know why these pundits are running so scared about the 2016 elections as they are so certain that their "queen" will receive her due coronation.

I have always thought when someone finds it necessary to use name calling to make their point, they have no reasonable argument for their position.

— Ron Alderman Bennington