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    Letter: Shaftsbury taxes should stay in Shaftsbury

    04/27/2015 04:16 PM EDT
    Shaftsbury taxes should stay in Shaftsbury I see Shaftsbury no longer has its road foreman. Maybe it's time to look at the policies. I cannot see how the road foreman could take the town truck home at night. It sees that if it's owned by the town, it should stay at the garage. Being with North Bennington highway, working in each other's town seems wrong to me. 
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    Letter: AAUW program a must see
    04/27/2015 04:15 PM EDT - AAUW program a must see On Tuesday, April 28, the Bennington County Branch of the American Association of University Women will present a public program entitled "Putin: Man or Myth" by Williams Professor Julie Cassiday at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 108 School St., Bennington. Full Story

    Letter: Support PBS
    04/27/2015 03:04 PM EDT - Support PBS As our statewide public television station, Vermont PBS (formerly Vermont Public Television) is a unique organization because its reach is so broad. Vermont PBS provides nearly every household in the state with access to educational, local and world class programming for viewers of every age. Full Story

    Letter: Vermont PBS is a resource
    04/24/2015 09:37 PM EDT - Vermont PBS is a resource Until recently it was my privilege to lead Vermont PBS through a year of transition, and I came to realize what an extraordinary resource it is for our state. Vermont PBS is available to every household in Vermont, free of charge and free of commercialism. It delivers world-class programs for every interest and age group. Full Story

    Letter: Celebrate National Pet Week
    04/24/2015 09:37 PM EDT - Celebrate National Pet Week Always the first full week in May, National Pet Week is dedicated to celebrating the over 200 million pets that enrich our lives. This is especially true in Vermont, which tops the nation in pet ownership. Created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Auxiliary AVMA, National Pet Week is a time to honor the many roles pets have in our lives Full Story

    Letter: Open letter to Governor Shumlin
    04/24/2015 09:37 PM EDT - Open letter to Governor Shumlin I am confused are you interested in investing in the future of Vermont, its communities and children, or are you not? You say that you do not support mandatory school consolidation, yet you support the current draft of bill H.361, which is now in the hands of the Senate Education Committee. Full Story

    Letter: Equal pay partnerships work
    04/23/2015 09:19 PM EDT - Equal pay partnerships work When Doris and Don Fisher opened their small retail store in 1969, they each put up $21,000 in savings and, without even discussing it, paid each other the same salary. That's how equal partnerships work. Today, you know the Fishers' company as Gap Inc. Following Doris and Don's lead, the company continues to pay the women and men who work there dollar for dollar for Full Story

    Letter: Frustrated with the sugar beverage tax bill
    04/23/2015 09:19 PM EDT - Frustrated with the sugar beverage tax bill I am writing to express my frustration with bill H.24, the sugar sweetened beverage tax bill. After hearing it had been reduced to a half cent per ounce, I was beginning to resign myself to the excise tax, as the deficit is large and over consumption of sweetened beverages is detrimental to our health. Full Story

    Letter: Questions about vote
    04/24/2015 09:38 AM EDT - Questions about vote MAU board meetings used to be held Mondays, then were changed to Wednesdays. Last week, I was informed it would be on Tuesday, starting with the executive session at 6 p.m. Tuesday evenings from 5 to 6:30, I have a yoga class. I decided to go to my yoga class, thereby missing the executive session. Full Story

    Letter: SAFE Act a misnomer
    04/22/2015 07:29 PM EDT - SAFE Act a misnomer It is often reported that there is nothing that can be done, legislatively, in order to repeal the S.A.F.E. Act. We are told that our only hope is to wait for decisions in the multiple lawsuits that are going through the courts. Again, I remind you of the recent power shift in the Senate. Full Story