Letters To The Editor
Letter to the editor: Reality check on renewable energy credits

Reality check on renewable energy credits Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) seem to be less understood than Einstein's general theory of relativity. We are reading about accusations of fraud, that Massachusetts is "stealing our solar power," and that when you install solar panels and receive a REC credit, you aren't really powering your house with solar. Full Story
Letter to the editor: Raffle a success for Bennington's PAVE
Raffle a success The Board of Directors of PAVE, Project Against Violent Encounters, is happy to announce that we made $1278 in our annual "Pamper Yourself into Spring" raffle. We want to thank Henry and Dina Bronson of Bistro Henry in Manchester who generously donated a dinner for two; Diane Hetherington, Certified Massage Therapist, who donated an hour massage; Mark Vaughan for his gift of a Full Story

Letter to the editor: Glad A&E is back
Glad A&E is back Congratulations on reinstating your Arts and Entertainment coverage in each Thursday edition of the Bennington Banner. The well written and thoroughly researched feature articles by Telly Halkias are an especially welcomed addition as are the pieces written by your staff members covering specific events. Full Story

Letter to the editor: Treason doth never prosper
Treason doth never prosper The patriarch of our family who lived in the 1600s was a knight, a poet, and high sheriff of Somerset County, and he coined a statement which has come down through the years when he said, "treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prospers none dare call it treason. Full Story