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    Letter to the editor: Support dental therapists

    02/04/2016 12:26 PM EST
    Support dental therapists Growing up in rural Michigan, the closest dentist was a forty-minute drive from our house. Like most, my parent's goals included ensuring that our family received adequate dental care. Unfortunately, due to their full time jobs and rural location, accessibility to oral care was an issue. 
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    Letter to the editor: The 25th Community Christmas Dinner in Manchester has come and gone
    02/04/2016 12:03 PM EST - The 25th Community Christmas Dinner in Manchester has come and gone What began with the idea of "lets invite everyone who needs a place to go on Christmas," hatched by Garrett Mead of the Bagel Works, and myself, morphed into quite a special event. During those 25 years, Garrett got married and moved on, but "The Dinner" remained. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: BBC letter was spin
    02/04/2016 08:46 AM EST - BBC letter was spin Responding to Mr. Hurd's letter in Thursday's Banner, it sounds like a bit of spin to me. When are we going to admit that the Better Bennington Corporation is not fulfilling their charter mission? Isn't it time to dissolve the BBC and bring it totally under the umbrella of the Town -- especially if Mr. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Response to BBC letter
    02/03/2016 02:59 PM EST - Response to BBC letter After reading Mr. Kulkin's letter in the Feb. 3 Banner, I feel I must respond. It is apparent that he is confusing the Downtown Improvement District (DID) and the role of the Town in administering the District versus the Town's role in maintaining the downtown and the Better Bennington Corporation's role as in advocate for the downtown. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Smith a target
    02/02/2016 04:24 PM EST - Smith a target It is fascinating to read that, down through history, people have tried to stifle those who endeavor to help the desperate and defenseless members of humanity. The latest target is Annette Smith, executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, who has, for several years now, been helping people negotiate the convoluted process required for being heard by the Public Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Disposing of dirty needles
    02/02/2016 04:21 PM EST - Disposing of dirty needles My name is Billie-Jean I'm a 24 year old female that lives in Bennington Vermont. Over the last couple of years drug addicts have been leaving their dirty needles on the streets where kids play, walk, and live. In fact I have been out for a walk, and have had at least three kids that didn't even know me, ask me to go over to them to pick up dirty needles for them Full Story

    Letter to the editor: BBC asking for added funds
    02/02/2016 03:51 PM EST - BBC asking for added funds Are you aware the town is asking taxpayers for permission to dip into the general fund to prop up the Better Bennington Corporation even though there is a special downtown-only tax that pays the 501c6 for its services? For the last several years this "Downtown Improvement District" tax -- paid only by downtown business owners within the district -- has allowed the town Full Story

    Letter to the editor: For common sense gun safety — Sue Minter for governor
    02/01/2016 01:47 PM EST - For common sense gun safety — Sue Minter for governor Gun violence is one of America's greatest tragedies and a huge public health crisis. Most of our elected officials do not have the courage to address this ongoing tragedy, and many insist on making it worse. The expense to our country and society is staggering, estimated at $100 billion annually. Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Blight should be addressed
    02/01/2016 01:42 PM EST - Blight should be addressed The article "Vacant property ordinance being mulled over by Bennington Select Board" that appeared in The Banner recently presents us with a unique opportunity. Instead of focusing on the phantom menace that the working families, seniors and the disabled who will be occupying the proposed Shires housing project, Monument View Apartments, let's speak up in support of Full Story

    Letter to the editor: Graves is outrageous
    02/03/2016 02:35 PM EST - Graves is outrageous It wouldn't surprise me to know that many people will read (or maybe just scan) the columns by Alden Graves only to see how outrageous he can be. Nothing surprising in the "Graves Registry" column that appeared in the January 28th Banner. Alden Graves thinks it foolish (or worse) for Nixon to have to pursued Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy. Full Story