Thursday October 11, 2012

Oct. 13

Canfield Library hosts Monopoly Tournament

ARLINGTON -- The Martha Canfield Library will be the place for lovers of the game Monopoly -- and who doesn't love Monopoly -- when the library hosts its first Monopoly Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 13, with play beginning at 1 p.m.

The tournament is free to the public. (The date event is a changed from an earlier announced date.) Monopoly turned 75 years old in 2010.

The tournament will consist of two rounds of about 90 minutes each. There is a limit of 16 players. The four winners of the first round will meet in the second round for the championship. Prizes will be awarded.

The chief judge of the tournament will be Phil Orbanes, who headed the research and development department at Parker Brothers and is now the president of Winning Moves, Inc. Orbanes as been described as "the closest thing to a real-life Mr. Monopoly as you can get." He is considered the world's foremost Monopoly historian and when officials at Hasbro, who now owns Monopoly, have a question they reportedly call him. Orbanes is responsible for adding a third die to the game which speeded up the game and has been a part of all Monopoly games sold since 2008.

The Martha Canfield Library is located at 528 East Arlington Road. For information and to sign up call 802-375-2219 or visit