Local duo welcomes Jack Williams in concert

cmadigan@benningtonbanner.comBENNINGTON — A harmonious balance is not difficult to find for the local songwriting and performance team of Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen.The folk musicians, married in 1989, only play locally about once a …

Best-selling author Grisham to visit Northshire Bookstore

MANCHESTER — Best-selling author John Grisham is marking the publication of his 30th book with a tour of a dozen bookstores, and Manchester's own Northshire Bookstore has made the cut.Grisham, who is undertaking his first promotional book tour …

Blair Crimmins and the Hookers to perform at Masonic Hall

BENNINGTON — A mixture of jazz, rock, ragtime, and blues from the 1920s will be making its way to Masonic Hall on April 22.Bliar Crimmins and The Hookers will be playing songs off their brand-new album "You Gotta Sell Something!" for a concert …

What's the secret behind the flavors at SoCo Creamery?

If you work at SoCo Creamery, you start every day with — what else — ice cream. "The first thing we do every morning at 6 a.m. is taste the ice cream we made the day before," said Matt Scott, director of brand integrity and production at SoCo Creamery in Great Barrington, Mass.

Ron Kujawski | Garden Journal: Plant a tree on Arbor Day

A little before my time, 1872, to be precise, the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture proposed that the 10th day of April be set aside as a tree-planting holiday, and thereby named it Arbor Day, the first such celebration in the nation.

Could the Henrietta Lacks case happen today?

NEW YORK — What happened in the 1951 case of Henrietta Lacks, and could it happen again today?The story of the woman who unwittingly spurred a scientific bonanza made for a best-selling book in 2010. This weekend, it returned in an HBO film …


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