Our opinion: NH winners ride wave into uncharted political waters

02/11/2016 08:53 PM EST
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, unlikely presidential frontrunners a year ago, ride out of New Hampshire on a wave of momentum. They don't have much in common as politicians and people other than the populist wave they have tapped into. Mr. Trump is the Frankenstein's monster returned to torment his creator, the Republican Party establishment. 
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Editorial: Ignoring him didn't work, so get the knives
02/10/2016 09:20 PM EST - With his overwhelming win in the Granite State, Sen. Bernie Sanders can expect the sheathed knives to come out for sharpening. We will have to wait until after South Carolina and Nevada to see how those knives are wielded. While he has had to withstand the attacks from the far right over the years, which deliberately and maliciously conflates Marxism with Sander's democratic socialism, Sanders Full Story

Our Opinion: None of us can be bystanders to bigotry
02/07/2016 10:04 PM EST - It's unfortunate that in 2016 a president of the United States has to speak out against medieval-era religious bigotry. But it was necessary to do so. Last Wednesday, President Barack Obama visited a mosque in Baltimore to speak about Muslim-Americans' part in U.S. society and defend them against the bigoted rhetoric of Republican presidential candidates and their followers. Full Story

Our Opinion: Obama's speech at U.S. mosque a strong success
02/05/2016 08:28 PM EST - In the last year of his presidency, President Obama has cast off the self-restraint he seems to have exercised since the beginning of his first term in 2008. Some of this has been rhetorical and other parts of it have been actions, such as his executive order to upgrade gun sale background checks. The president took a bold action on Wednesday when he visited a mosque for the first time in his Full Story

Our Opinion: Serious questions about Wounded Warrior Project
02/04/2016 05:34 PM EST - Few things tug at American heartstrings, and rightly so, than severely wounded military veterans, particularly the young men and women from our most recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Wounded Warrior Project charity began in the early 2000s when a Marine Corps veteran named, John Melia – who had been wounded in a helicopter crash in 1992 off the coast of Somalia – began visiting Full Story

Editorial: Riding the localvore wagon train
01/28/2016 07:50 PM EST - When Vermont's Farm to Plate initiative was launched five years ago many had high expectations for what this effort could do for the state's farmers and its overall economic future. Now that we're at the half-way point one thing is clear: Those initial rosey predictions actually proved rather conservative. Full Story

Our opinion: Bigger than a handful of men with guns
01/27/2016 08:10 PM EST - The death of an armed militant in Oregon is a tragedy but it is not surprising. LaVoy Finicum, one of the de facto spokesmen of the illegal occupation of the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, vowed that he would rather die than be taken into custody. This Mormon rancher, father of 11 and grandfather of 19, had his vow fulfilled on a lonely stretch of Highway 395 when a vehicle he was Full Story

Our Opinion: Supreme Court must put politics aside on immigration
01/24/2016 09:10 PM EST - If logic and legal precedent still mean anything, the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold President Obama's actions protecting a specific group of undocumented immigrants from deportation. However, we are talking about the Supreme Court. Immigrants' advocates and some top Democrats, including Senate party leader Harry Reid, welcomed the Supreme Court's action in the hope that the justices will Full Story

Editorial: Is 2016 already one for the history books?
01/22/2016 08:47 PM EST - 2016 is shaping up to be one of those bellwether, turning point historical markers, at least when it comes to the U.S. presidential election. You have go back at least to 1968 to find a comparable election and global combination. Rarely has there been a year when so many "known unknowns" — the Middle East, China, Ukraine, terrorism, the world economy — cohabited with the breathtaking Full Story

Editorial: The spectacle of the 2016 election just got more spectacular
01/20/2016 09:10 PM EST - Surely we have entered some parallel reality — like Bizarro World in the Superman comic books — where reason has been replaced by knee-jerk emotional reactions and sanity has been replaced by self-delusion. We've been walking on the edge of falling into absurdity ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president and with his poll numbers on the rise, the whole nation has Full Story

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Kanye West's super strict rules for Yeezy show models

Kanye West had some pretty strict rules for how models at his Yeezy Season 3 fashion extravaganza should display his clothes.