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    Our Opinion: Ignorance is not a virtue in this world

    11/22/2015 09:38 PM EST
    Somewhere along the line in America, a virtue has been made of ignorance, particularly within the political sphere. The timing could not have been worse. If it is a reaction to perceived "elitism" than it is misguided, as the United States has always regarded itself among the world's elite nations when it comes to education, medical research and scientific innovation. 
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    Our View: Hysteria and our constricted national spirit
    11/20/2015 05:38 PM EST - Once upon a time, those most critical of the direction of the United States were of the political left. The issue might be war, poverty, racism, meddling in the affairs of other countries — or all of the above. The reaction to this criticism from those on the political right often was: (name of critic) "hates America. Full Story

    Our opinion: Hate crimes against Muslims help terrorists
    11/19/2015 10:19 PM EST - We've already noted that denying Syrian refugees entry into the U.S. based solely on their religion only serves to further the terrorists' cause. The same holds true for hate crimes against innocent Muslims. Since last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, there has been a surge in violence against Muslims who had absolutely nothing to do with those attacks. Full Story

    Editorial: A panic attack on Syrian refugees
    11/18/2015 09:05 PM EST - The violence, oppression and collapse of central authority in Syria have created one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent years, as an estimated 12 million people have fled their homes and 4 million have abandoned the country. And yet the governors of Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, Alabama and a growing list of other states are now saying, basically, that the U. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Complex world unfriendly to hawks, doves
    11/15/2015 09:47 PM EST - Back in the days of the Cold War when foreign diplomacy was relatively cut-and-dried, politicians had the luxury of being hawks or doves. Today, the world is painfully complex, and simple avian analogies no longer apply. This is reflected by the varied stands of the Republican presidential candidates, as was clear during Tuesday night's debate. Full Story

    Our opinion: The value of researching online opinions
    11/13/2015 10:01 PM EST - William Tucker, writing for Real Clear Energy, asks, we hope, tongue in cheek, if Bill McKibben, Vermont's eco-warrior, should be charged with racketeering. Why? For "deliberately hiding (his) views on nuclear while so much new carbon is dumped into the atmosphere, shouldn't some ambitious attorney general charge them with conspiracy for keeping their support a secret during this most important Full Story

    Editorial: Remember the true meaning of Christmas
    11/12/2015 10:22 PM EST - There are two things we can count on as soon as the Halloween decorations are put away — store shelves aligned with Christmas decor, and claims of a so-called War on Christmas. Outcries over this perceived slight have been going on for many years now. Some trace it back to about a decade ago when Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly started his rants over the idea of wishing people "Happy Full Story

    Editorial: Election a year away; big issues to consider
    11/08/2015 07:41 PM EST - The presidential election is a year away, even if those of us who aren't making our livings from the long campaign might wish to be done with it. There are more debates to be held, and primaries, caucuses and party conventions, and then more debates before the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Wise decision to nix Keystone pipeline plan
    11/06/2015 10:16 PM EST - The overheated rhetoric over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline grew hotter over the years as the argument for it cooled off. The Obama administration's decision to nix its construction was wise and consequential. The pipeline carrying particularly dirty tar sands crude oil out of western Canada through the middle of the America to the Gulf of Mexico and into world markets was always of greater Full Story

    Editorial: Economic development can be bittersweet
    11/05/2015 10:13 PM EST - At times the relationship between Hermitage Club and the town of Wilmington seems bittersweet. The sweet part, of course, is the economic development the private ski resort at Haystack Mountain is bringing to the Deerfield Valley. The company has been on a buying, building and renovation spree for the last few years as it works to increase membership by offering more lodging and recreation. Full Story

    Harrison Ford and Chewbacca finally end feud on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

    Jimmy Kimmel brings Harrison Ford and Chewbacca of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” together again, after supposed rift, as Adele’s “Hello” plays.