• Cubs bidding is down to final three - 07/31/2014 10:15 PM EDT
  • The lesson of World War I - 07/31/2014 10:10 PM EDT
    The lesson of World War I

    07/31/2014 10:10 PM EDT
    One hundred years ago yesterday, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, igniting a conflict that would take the lives of more than 10 million soldiers and seven million civilians. Another 20 million people were wounded in the four year war. Most of us are familiar with what precipitated the war that is most remembered for its trench warfare and the use of poison gas. 
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    The inconvenient truth about Vladimir Putin
    07/30/2014 11:13 PM EDT - A KGB agent back in the bad old days of the Soviet Union and the Cold War, Russian President Vladimir Putin increasingly shows himself to be a clever sociopath. He continues to present the West with bad situations and then undoes a little of his damage or backs off for a while, appearing to be not such a bad guy after all. Full Story

    Congress must move on bill to reform the VA
    07/29/2014 10:19 PM EDT - Members of Congress have been working overtime -- once again -- to prove that in their world even no-brainer, badly needed legislation desired by both sides of the political aisle must have drama. On Monday, House and Senate negotiators from both parties reached a tentative deal to make significant changes to the operations of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Full Story

    Medical mistakes cost money and lives
    07/28/2014 10:42 PM EDT - In 1999, the Institute of Medicine conducted a landmark study, "To Err is Human," which reported that nearly 100,000 people die in hospitals each year due to preventable medical errors. The number seemed so large at the time that many were convinced it was a gross over-exaggeration. Experts now say that figure was too low and hospitals have been too slow to make improvements. Full Story

    Why the U.S.should end the death penalty
    07/27/2014 10:09 PM EDT - The State of Arizona executed Joseph R. Wood III on Wednesday. For those Americans who, as we do, consider the death penalty to be a dehumanizing punishment unworthy of our advanced society, that sentence should be enough to elicit profound moral discomfort. Then there was the way it happened: Executioners pumped Mr. Full Story

    Roses to the fun, educational summer programs for kids at Bennington Free Library
    07/25/2014 10:17 PM EDT - ROSES to the innovative summer programs for kids at Bennington Free Library. This week there was a toy hacking workshop that allowed the young attendees to learn about circuitry and how small electronics work by giving them the chance to take apart and put back together old toys. The workshop was made possible through a funding from the Vermont Community Foundation Innovations and Collaborations Full Story

    Congress should reform the mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses
    07/24/2014 10:00 PM EDT - Liberals and conservatives have learned from the drug war’s failures. More jail time may result in less crime, but the costs can be too high. Harsh punishments often catch street-corner dealers, not drug kingpins. The drug war’s foremost legacy is a skyrocketing prison population; the number of drug offenders in federal prisons has increased 21 times since 1980. Full Story

    ’Putin The Great’
    07/23/2014 09:52 PM EDT - As if the shooting down of a passenger plane carrying 298 people wasn’t monstrous enough, the bodies of those who fell from the sky with Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were left lying in the heat for days as Ukrainian rebels engaged in what can only be assumed to be a cover-up of their blunder. Back in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the man at the root of all this misery, was busy Full Story

    Must keep the heat on Putin to get better answers
    07/22/2014 10:10 PM EDT - The horrific downing of a Malaysia Airlines commercial jetliner over Ukraine last week -- most likely from surface-to-air missiles launched by Russian separatists -- has put Russian President Vladimir Putin in a desperate bind. And that could be the only good thing to come out of this grotesque tragedy. Full Story

    The bio-threat from within
    07/21/2014 10:10 PM EDT - Government agencies and laboratories responsible for the safe handling and oversight of deadly microbes and pathogens have a lot to answer for given the serious mishaps that have come to light. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other officials and biosafety experts testified before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee Wednesday Full Story

    Island near Buffalo overrun by hundreds of cats

    NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. (AP) — A small island near Buffalo has a big cat problem thanks to people who have abandoned felines there over the years. Full Story
    (Claire Hayhurst/AP)
    Banksy's 'Spy Booth' artwork defaced

    LONDON (AP) — A mural by street artist Banksy that sparked a local preservation campaign has been defaced. Full Story