Killer won't be remembered, victim will be

04/19/2015 04:38 PM EDT
Murders happen often in Boston and don't always get much media coverage. The Aaron Hernandez trial did because the accused was a football star with the New England Patriots. The victim was the equivalent of a practice squad linebacker. Mr. Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder Wednesday for the killing of Odin Lloyd, a landscaper and semipro football player who moved in Mr. 
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Roses & Thorns: Roses to Bennington Exposion event that showed off local arts and culture
04/18/2015 12:46 PM EDT - ROSES to the success of the inaugural Bennington Exposion event, an arts and cultural exposition held Wednesday at Mount Anthony Country Club in Bennington. The well-attended event was aimed to foster relationships between local artists as well as to promote the Bennington area as a cultural destination. Full Story

Our Opinion: Hillary hits the campaign trail
04/16/2015 06:06 PM EDT - On Saturday, former Secretary of State Hilllary Clinton announced through social media that she will indeed be running for president in 2016. In a big change from 2008, her shared video focused more on the hopes and dreams of ordinary citizens than on her abilities and ambitions. Many of her supporters back in 2008 thought at that time that it was her "turn" to get the nomination for president Full Story

Another Opinion: Punishing IRS makes less dollars and sense
04/15/2015 06:41 PM EDT - With the deadline for filing state and federal income tax returns upon us, the last thing procrastinators and the rest of us want to hear is the IRS crying poor mouth. No, the federal entity we all love to hate — especially at this time of year — would be considered an unlikely object of anyone's sympathy. Full Story

Another opinion: Do taxpayers get good return on investment?
04/14/2015 03:41 PM EDT - So, today is tax day. Did you file your returns yet? In anticipation of this annual ritual that has many people grumbling about paying too much, the financial research website has release an in-depth analysis of which states offer taxpayers the best return on their investment. "There is an obvious disconnect in the minds of taxpayers between the amount of money we fork over each Full Story

Turmoil in Yemen signifies more to come
04/13/2015 04:07 PM EDT - Yemen is the midst of a civil war. The Shiite Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, have ousted the president and taken control of the capital, Sanaa. The Sunni majority, backed by countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan, are attempting to take it back. Alas, this Arab nation has been a source of consternation for the West for many years. Full Story

Roses to another successful career week
04/10/2015 05:38 PM EDT - ROSES to Bennington's well-organized Career Week, which wraps up Saturday with a community open house at NSK Steering Systems America, 110 Shields Drive, Bennington. From the governor addressing local high school students on his own career path to the Community College of Vermont Sit-Ins, allowing the public to experience a college class at CCV, this week was chock full of information. Full Story

Another Opinion: Rolling Stone failure hurts movement to reform college rape reporting
04/09/2015 05:30 PM EDT - The thoroughly discredited story about an alleged University of Virginia gang rape passed off by Rolling Stone magazine as investigative journalism was neither investigative nor journalism. That was clear even before the 12,000-word analysis by a three-person team at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism took it apart. Full Story

Another Opinion: Loretta Lynch hurt by her own party
04/08/2015 06:46 PM EDT - Most U.S. senators, both Democrats and Republicans, say they'd vote to approve Loretta Lynch's nomination as attorney general if a vote came to the floor. And that's the rub. Lynch has been waiting since November 2014 for a full Senate vote, held hostage by partisan politics and legislative controversy. Full Story

Another Opinion: Locavore movement is paying off
04/07/2015 06:06 PM EDT - When considering how progressive and forward thinking Vermont is on certain key issues one need look no further than the growing locavore movement. Some folks in Windham County were on that bandwagon before "locavore" was even a word, and today Vermont continues to lead the nation in promoting the benefits of eating locally-grown foods. Full Story

NC man's obituary urges readers to reject Hillary Clinton

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man's obituary asked two things of friends and family: instead of sending flowers for the funeral, give the money to charity. Full Story