• BBA, MAU renew football rivalry - 09/19/2014 10:37 PM EDT
    Roses to the Hoosick Falls parade honoring Korean War veterans

    09/19/2014 10:37 PM EDT
    ROSES to the parade honoring veterans of "The Forgotten War" held in Hoosick Falls, N.Y., last Saturday. Fifty area men and women were recognized at the Korean War Veterans Welcome Home Parade. Of the veterans, Hoosick Falls Mayor David Borge said, "Without them, it doesn’t happen. We are living in a very different atmosphere, but fortunately we have people who step forward for the 
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    New law should help reduce injury and death
    09/18/2014 10:07 PM EDT - Distracted driving has been a safety issue ever since cars were invented. Whether it’s eating, looking at a roadmap or interacting with passengers in the car, anytime one’s attention is diverted from the road is a recipe for disaster. The problem is exponentially worse that it was 100 years ago, however, for three main reasons: There are more vehicles on the road, they drive Full Story

    Run, Bernie, run
    09/17/2014 09:58 PM EDT - Sen. Bernie Sanders says he’s thinking about running for president in 2016 but has not made a decision yet. He said as much on Sunday on his first-ever appearance on "Meet the Press." Last week Sanders also made several speeches in a visit to Iowa, home of the famous party caucuses that kick off the quadrennial presidential election cycle. Full Story

    The government is in your debt
    09/16/2014 10:20 PM EDT - You know our country’s debt situation is dire when the federal government seems happy to announce the budget deficit in August was only about $128 billion. That’s what the Treasury Department stated last week. It’s because, by comparison, that’s an improvement over the same time last year, when the government spent $148 billion more than it took in. Full Story

    Rice punch lifts domestic abuse veil of silence
    09/15/2014 10:41 PM EDT - With a single punch, Ray Rice was able to do something that abuse activists and law enforcement officials have been unable to do for decades. The country is talking about the scourge of domestic violence. In public. In schools. At the office watercooler. Hopefully, at the dinner table, and with calm, rational voices. Full Story

    Our self-healing planet
    09/14/2014 10:16 PM EDT - All of this talk about the dire straits our planet is in because of global climate change can be quite depressing. Scientists keep telling us that the melting ice caps and rising ocean waters are wreaking havoc on our planet -- producing more severe weather events and causing drastic upheavals in the habitat of countless species of fish, animals and birds. Full Story

    Roses to quickly-organized fundraiser for infant in need
    09/13/2014 07:38 AM EDT - ROSES to the Bennington Chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for hosting a fundraiser Friday to benefit a local infant. Baby Ava, just three weeks into her life, has cancer and a massive tumor on her back. ROSES also to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center for donating the spaghetti dinner and to other sponsors and supporters. Full Story

    Perpetual war?
    09/11/2014 10:15 PM EDT - When is "military action" war, and when is it something else? The question goes back to at least the Korean War (1950-53), which some then termed a "police action" launched with United Nations approval. On Wednesday night, President Obama put forth his four-pronged strategy to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the terrorist army variously known as ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State. Full Story

    The legacy of 9/11
    09/10/2014 10:20 PM EDT - There are days you won’t ever forget. And there are days you can’t forget. Sept. 11, 2001 is one of the latter. You couldn’t block it from your mind if you tried. Shut your eyes and try not to picture the planes crashing into the Twin Towers 13 years ago. The flames and smoke surreally billowing against the ultra-blue sky of what set out to be a Full Story

    Job growth weak; wage growth weaker
    09/09/2014 10:24 PM EDT - We all know the federal government can twist numbers to suit whatever position it wants to push, but it’s hard to see how any bureaucrat could make a silk purse out of this latest sow’s ear of economic numbers. According to the Department of Labor, U.S. employers created just 142,000 jobs in August, well below the previous six months’ average of 200,000-plus. Full Story

    (Koji Sasahara/AP)
    The Kuro taste: Peppery tang and hint of squid ink

    TOKYO (AP) — The first Kuro, or black, burger had a black bun and sauce. Last year's edition, the Kuro Ninja, added a slice of (non-black) bacon to the signature black components. Full Story
    (Donald Traill/Donald Traill/Invision/AP)
    Keyshia Cole arrested on suspicion of battery

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police say Grammy-nominated R&B singer Keyshia Cole has been arrested on suspicion of battery after an altercation early Friday morning in Los Angeles. Full Story