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Bennington Catholic High School Class of 1966. Pictured on floor, David Sausville, Jonathan Dyer, and Burt Stafford. First row, Jo Ann McGarrahan, Roseanne Tripp, Debbie Peacock, Judy Harrington, Marcia Buck, Beverly George, Mary Gardner, Linda Rabideau. Next row, Nadine Hoag, Mary Schultz, Joy Bisson, Eleanor Harvey, Nancy Daily, Eileen Russell, Donna Humphrey. Next row, Grace Cleary, Tootsie Sausville, Larry Betit, Charlie Myers, Punky Gratton, Pat Moore, Walter Morrissey, Peter Kane, Donna Delude, David Barber, Richard Marcoux. Back row, Butch Robinson, Tony Guetti, Donnie Myers, Betty Kelly, Donnie LaBarge, Pam Richmond, Joe Russell, and Bob Corriveau.

BENNINGTON >> Vibrant Green and Gold highlighted the shimmering autumn leaves in town recently when the Bennington Catholic High School Class of 1966 gathered to celebrate their 50th class reunion on the weekend of Sept. 23-24. More than two thirds of the class returned for the festivities with friends, family and members of other BCHS classes, traveling from near and far for the event.

Resurrected trophies, plaques, game balls and other memorabilia decorated the Bennington Elks Club and the Sabers ruled for two evenings together. Picture boards, yearbooks, school uniforms and an ongoing video presentation set the tone for four years of shared academic and athletic achievements and memories. The Reunion Committee, responsible for all of the class reunions, outdid themselves as each class member received (and immediately donned) commemorative shirts with the BCHS Logo and took home many thoughtful and cherished souvenirs of the evening.

The two-day celebration was highlighted by a tour of the old BCHS school, which now houses a soccer facility.

Class members enjoyed getting to see the changes in the facility and remembering together all the moments shared in classrooms, locker rooms, the chapel and cafeteria. Especially poignant were the feelings and memories of where the class of 1966 was when they received the news of the assassination of President Kennedy as sophomores, and what they were doing when the announcement was made of the loss of their beloved Fr. Spinelli in a plane crash in September of 1965. Many of the pictures enjoyed at the reunion reflected this loss in the presence of black mourning ribbons on school and athletic uniforms for our entire Senior year. This class learned early how to deal with and address tragedy and each was shaped in some way from this.


The Class of 1966 was also featured at 4pm Mass at St. Francis de Sales/Sacred Heart Church on 9/24, where class members presented the Gifts at Communion, and Fr. Bob Wiseman reflected on the Class in his homily. It provided us with more memories of beginning each class with a prayer in school, and gathering often together to celebrate and share Mass in the BCHS gym. As adults looking back on a great education and the experiences of Catholic schooling, we once again appreciated the sacrifices of our parishes and our parents to provide us with the opportunity to attend BCHS.

Championship trophies, academic award plaques and a celebratory cake with the BCHS Crest kept Saber Spirit high as we once again became The Class of 1966 for a weekend. It was a very special event, as we came back to our hometown of Bennington to remember the past, appreciate the present and look forward to more time and memories together. It was, indeed, good to be "home" again together.