ARLINGTON -- Fisher Elementary School has completed its first academic trimester and announced the following honors for fourth and fifth grade students.

To receive honors, students must meet grade-point-average requirements.

Grade 5 Honors: Bryce Harrington, Chase King, Danielle Moscarello, Lauren Travers, Dominic Whalen, Lewis Whalen, Ronan Wuersllin

Grade 4 High Honors: Jason Caggiano, Emma Hoover

Honors: Austin Carrier, Montgomery Crane, Hayden Curtis, Alorah Hoyt, Sofie Granger, Xandar Hawley, Gabe Luce, Jason Luce, Cameron McDermott, Cameron Morris, Jacob Morse, Noah Murphy, Kolby Naaktgeboren, Tyler Seeley, Ciara Wright

For more information about academics at Fisher Elementary, contact Principal Deanne Lacoste at or 802-375-6409.