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    The Truth of the Matter: There are not many left — 70 years later

    08/28/2015 10:18 PM EDT
    On any given summer afternoon in Bennington, at the Vermont Veterans Home, there might be a half-dozen or so World War II Veterans sitting on the Home's front porch. Most, if not all, will be in wheelchairs or have their walkers close at hand. Joining them might be other Veterans who had served in the Korean, Vietnam, or Iraq/Afghanistan wars. 
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    The Outside Story: Snakes and toads provide garden pest control
    08/28/2015 10:17 PM EDT - Encountering a snake in the garden causes many people to shriek or even panic. Yet snakes and another often unloved creature, the American toad, are among the most effective forms of pest control. If you tolerate these herpetological visitors – or better yet, encourage their presence – you'll be less likely to share your garden with ravenous bugs, or bottles of pesticide. Full Story

    Writing on Religion: A moral economy, a new leader, Carter, Trump
    08/28/2015 04:43 PM EDT - I haven't written this column for a while but the world of religion is really hopping. Sad to say, a lot of the news on the national and world level isn't so good. For example, the continued barbarity of the Islamic State. However, there is some positive news locally. For one thing, there was a meeting this week I wasn't able to attend but it sure sounded interesting. Full Story

    Vermonter Abroad: Back in Bennington
    08/27/2015 10:23 PM EDT - Reconnecting with family and friends while enjoying the scenic beauty of Bennington was the ideal way to spend a summer vacation. Actually, I enjoyed it too much. By the end of it, I didn't want to go back. Great weather, good times, and relaxing moments kept me yearning for more. Familiar sights, sounds, and places brought back happy memories of the past - wonderful nourishment for the soul. Full Story

    The Graves Registry: Populism from the Trump Tower
    08/26/2015 02:21 AM EDT - "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door." – Excerpt from a poem by Emma Lazarus emblazoned upon the Statue of Liberty That sentiment will have to be removed from Lady Liberty if any of the GOP presidential candidates prevail next November. Full Story

    The Fourteenth State: Benjamin Hall's history of eastern Vermont
    08/25/2015 06:53 AM EDT - Benjamin H. Hall's "History of Eastern Vermont" is an odd book to find on the history shelves. It is heavy and extremely long (799 pages), very readable, and includes biographies, sketches, and early documents. But it does make you wonder: why would anyone write a history of only eastern Vermont? Besides its geographic tilt and its heft, it has a thesis to present. Full Story

    The Outside Story: Cattails; nature's supermarket
    08/21/2015 09:38 PM EDT - This past winter I spent three months exploring East Africa, traveling through ten different countries and covering over 8,077 miles. I was continuously impressed with how much local guides knew about their surroundings, in particular the human uses of various plants. In some instances we could not walk more than ten feet without stopping to learn about another plant and all the ways it could Full Story

    The View from My Place: Who Cares?
    08/21/2015 09:37 PM EDT - The year is 2115. The place might be anywhere. Two old men, Stan and Bill, are reminiscing. Stan: "You know they knew what was happening right? I mean they had more than enough information." Bill: "Yeah, but there was such a lot of misinformation and confusion back then. And like a terminal cancer patient they were in denial. Full Story

    Don't sneer at Trump's chances
    08/20/2015 09:56 PM EDT - Yeah, I hear what you're saying. "For all you political comics, Donald Trump must be a dream come true. Manna from heaven. Slam-dunking from a step-ladder. Swimming in a sea of beer." Oh sure, there are jokes. 1. Trump's presidential campaign is like a baboon's butt. The higher he climbs, the harder it is to look. Full Story

    The Pun Also Rises: The Earl of Sandwich
    08/19/2015 09:52 PM EDT - Nearly three centuries ago in 1718, a man named John Montagu was born, and eventually became the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He would go on to name his son John Montagu, who became the 5th Earl of Sandwich. Further descended John Montagus also became the 7th and 11th Earls of Sandwich. Reusing names was a Montagu family tradition, as the 4th Earl's father Edward Montagu was the son of Edward Montagu Full Story

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    VMAs: Nicki Minaj fires back at Miley Cyrus

    After winning award for 'Anaconda,” Minaj challenges Cyrus, who responds by seemingly blaming the media for feud.