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    Ramadan, soccer and more

    07/11/2014 09:53 PM EDT
    Mark E. Rondeau The Hobby Lobby decision, which is still generating heated commentary, interrupted my plan last week to write about Ramadan, which began the evening of Saturday, June 28, and ends the evening of Monday, July 28. Here’s some belated information about the holiday. "Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is the holiest time of the year for Muslims. 
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    Unresponsive local government
    07/11/2014 09:52 PM EDT - Mary Morrissey It’s both bemusing and disturbing to observe how the Bennington Select Board and town officials conduct local government business. One moment, they’re sticklers for strict adherence to rules of proper conduct and procedure. The next, they trample over same with abandon. Full Story

    State government doesn’t ‘buy local’
    07/11/2014 09:52 PM EDT - Don Keelan For a number of years we have been peppered with ads that encourage us to "buy local." The ads originate from local trade groups, farmers’ markets and chamber of commerce organizations. Even the state’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development directs us to shop local. Full Story

    The skinny on snakes
    07/11/2014 09:52 PM EDT - Susan Shea If you have a wood pile, you may have come across a shed snake skin -- a translucent, onion skin-like wrapper imprinted with the snake’s scale pattern. Or perhaps you’ve seen one along a foundation or stone wall. Why do snakes shed their skin? Most animals, including humans, shed skin cells, explained herpetologist Jim Andrews, who coordinates the Vermont Full Story

    An overriding need for reform now
    07/11/2014 11:51 AM EDT - Commentary There's no objective need for President Obama to visit the Texas Mexico border and see the immigration crisis first-hand, but he shouldn't have claimed that "I'm not interested in photo ops." The line about photo ops was so absurd that it's a good thing he wasn't under oath. Every president since Abraham Lincoln has been interested in photo ops. Full Story

    Where does the buck stop?
    07/10/2014 10:27 PM EDT - EJ Dionne Some elections are contests between voters who are happy and voters who are not. This fall’s elections are of a different sort: Since almost all the voters are unhappy with politics, the battle will be over which party gets the blame for dysfunction, inaction and disillusionment. Full Story

    Guest column: Reasons I oppose Shires project
    07/10/2014 10:57 AM EDT - The following are the reasons I am opposed to the Shires low-income housing project proposed to be built between South and Silver Streets. 1. Bennington has enough (some people say too much) low-income housing already. The Shires (over 150 units), Regional Affordable Housing, Downtown Housing, Crossing Ltd. Full Story

    Obama's puny 'imperial presidency'
    07/08/2014 10:17 PM EDT - Obama's puny ‘imperial presidency' By DANA MILBANK WASHINGTON -- On either end of Lafayette Square on Monday, you could observe the receding power of the Obama presidency. On the north side, across from the White House, stands St. John's Episcopal Church, "the Church of the Presidents," where every president since James Full Story

    Supreme Court reins in bad guys
    07/08/2014 10:17 PM EDT - John McClaughry Three June decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court carry important messages to America, and one in particular is likely to have an impact in Vermont. The decision that attracted the most national attention came in a case (Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby) defining religious freedom. In 1993 Congress passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Vermont Sens. Full Story

    ’Local Holidays’
    07/08/2014 10:16 PM EDT - Seth Brown Three decades ago, a song titled "Do They Know It’s Christmas?" asked if people in Africa knew about Christmas. It’s a fair question, because although the holiday is ubiquitous in America and popular in many other countries as well, it may be less popular in Africa. Holidays are often regional; certainly Thanksgiving is very much an exclusively American holiday. Full Story

    Plane's swastika banner spurs criticism around NYC

    NEW YORK (AP) — A banner aiming to change people's minds about what swastikas stand for has stirred outrage after it flew over beaches in New York City and on Long Island. Full Story
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    George Clooney rejects Daily Mail's apology

    The actor accuses the paper of “a premeditated lie” when it wrote that Amal Alamuddin’s mother didn’t want daughter to marry him on religious grounds.