• MAU wrestling nabs major win over Noble - 12/19/2014 10:36 PM EST
    The View From My Place: Who we are now

    12/19/2014 10:06 PM EST
    Torture. We know it happens. We're rightfully outraged and condemn others when they do it. Yet when we do it it's okay. At least that's the message being delivered by those whose collective heads are exploding over the release of a report outlining the activities of our CIA. Only a few hundred pages of the report were released, but it was enough to show that our country is all about torturing 
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    The Outside Story: A Christmas Tree farmer's year in review
    12/19/2014 10:07 PM EST - Walking through a large chain store this past October — at least a week before Halloween — I stumbled upon a display of decorations. Not witches and pumpkins, but trees and bells. There's no question that retailers are intent on pushing the start of the Christmas season earlier and earlier, but we Christmas tree growers still have them beat; for us, it's a nearly year-round endeavor. Full Story

    The librarian who reads everything: 'Phantoms In The Brain' by V.S. Ramachandran
    12/18/2014 10:28 PM EST - "Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind" by V.S. Ramachandran. I have become incredibly well-versed in the happenings of the brain over the past few months. A little while back I read "Icognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain" by David Eagleman. Prior to that was "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes (as thrilling as the title Full Story

    Graves Registry: Another legacy from Mr. Bush
    12/17/2014 08:12 PM EST - "It is a thorough and thoughtful study of practices that I believe not only failed their purpose, but actually damaged our security interests, as well as our reputation as a force for good in the world." — Sen. John McCain. On Dec. 9, the summary of a 5-year investigation into the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the CIA with the knowledge of both Republican and Full Story

    Aging in Place: Ambushes
    12/17/2014 08:12 PM EST - How is it you can go to bed feeling great and wake up in the morning with a pain in your leg that turns out to be osteoarthritis? (For the younger readers of the column, osteoarthritis is a degeneration of joint cartilage the and underlying bone, causing pain and stiffness, usually in the hip, knee, spine or thumb. Full Story

    Tis the season for saving energy and homeowner dollars
    12/16/2014 06:26 PM EST - The start of a New England winter is a good time to look for ways to reduce energy costs by improving efficiency. That's why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched our new ENERGY STAR Home Advisor — an online tool to help consumers save money and improve their homes' energy efficiency through recommended home improvement projects. Full Story

    Vermonter Abroad: Hunting in the Taunus
    12/16/2014 06:26 PM EST - Nazi Gold, ancient Roman weaponry, Celtic ruins, Rothschild diamonds. The Taunus is a treasure seeker's paradise. The Taunus, a forest located north of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, has yielded such treasures before. One of the most famous was the Saalburg Roman Fortress along the Limes Germanicus, near Bad Homburg. Full Story

    Vermont Yankee operators: You done good.
    12/15/2014 04:47 PM EST - In 1958, when I moved from Boston to Bellows Falls, Vermont was something of an economic and political backwater. The economy was stagnant and political loyalties were virtually unchanged since the Civil War. More people moved out than moved in. Not until 1963 did the human population exceed the bovine. Full Story

    From the Chamber: Thank you to those who bought trees
    12/14/2014 09:41 PM EST - Thanks to all of you in the community who purchased the gorgeous Christmas Trees from the Norshaft Lions Club. Of course we at the Chamber are always sad to see the last one go. This week marks the beginning of Hanukkah. Good wishes to all our Jewish community members. The Chamber's Holiday Mixer at the Bank of Bennington was just wonderful. Full Story

    The Truth of the Matter: Numbers can be numbing
    12/12/2014 06:16 PM EST - When I had heard that Vermont's Health Care Exchange computer programing was going to exceed $100 million and possibly $120 million, I became numb. By comparison, many of Vermont's hospitals operate for over half a year on less. But then again, why am I surprised? The amounts that I hear are being spent on various items are just as numbing. Full Story

    Fort Worth firefighters use oxygen to save cat

    FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — North Texas firefighters have used oxygen on a cat that was rescued from a burning house after the residents escaped on their own. Full Story
    (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)
    Happy day: Elton John, David Furnish marry in England

    LONDON (AP) — Entertainer Elton John and longtime mate David Furnish officially married Sunday on the ninth anniversary of the day they entered into a civil partnership. Full Story