• Vermonter aims to climb every mountain - 10/25/2016 09:17 PM EDT
    Graves Registry: A murder in Kew Gardens

    10/25/2016 09:17 PM EDT
    Sen. John McCain recently stated that, no matter who the second President Clinton nominates for the Supreme Court, Republicans should stonewall her selection. Quick translation: Republicans have learned nothing. I have chosen, however, not to devote another column to the spectacular unfitness of the Republican nominee for the most important job on the planet. 
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    Bigger Than Biceps: Empathize and energize the out-of-shape friend
    10/25/2016 05:44 PM EDT - In a world full of judgement, negativity and obscurity, it's sometimes hard to act with an open mind. The point I'd like to focus on more is judgement. Sometimes it's not always you who's looking to lose weight or get healthy, it's a friend, family member or coworker. How do you approach? With support or judgment? Full Story

    Health Matters: Caregiver burnout
    10/25/2016 05:44 PM EDT - In grade school, we all learned the list of human needs: food, water, clothes, shelter, companionship, sleep When someone needs help meeting their basic needs, a family caregiver, a spouse or a child, often steps in. As the number of family caregivers in the United States grows, we are learning some important things about caregiving. Full Story

    From the Chamber: Chamber fall strategic retreat
    10/24/2016 06:46 AM EDT - This past week, 26 of our board members and staff huddled in the upstairs room of the firehouse to get to work at our fall strategic retreat. You remember that the Chamber had an earlier retreat in the spring, which produced some strategic concepts for the Chamber to consider. We also focused on team-building (as a lot of us were new, including myself) and managing change. Full Story

    Levine: Pollution vs bold climate action
    10/20/2016 04:11 PM EDT - The frantic rhetoric and conspiracy tweets by Donald Trump denying climate change defy reason. Vermonters know climate change is real. The daily news shows us flooding communities, bigger and stronger storms wreaking havoc and rising sea levels threatening low-lying cities. As Vermonters we are a resilient bunch. Full Story

    Minter: Opportunity and affordability
    10/20/2016 03:58 PM EDT - I entered Vermont's race for governor a year ago with a clear top priority: to get Vermont working. That means making our state more affordable and expanding opportunity for Vermonters. I approach this challenge the way I approach all challenges: When I see something that's broken, I fix it. When I see success, I replicate it. Full Story

    Dolan: October is bullying prevention awareness month
    10/18/2016 05:02 PM EDT - October is Bullying Prevention Awareness month, a perfect time to reflect on policies and procedures, take inventory and make appropriate adjustments to ensure upholding a zero policy toward harassment and bullying in Vermont's schools. We at Killington Elementary School work very hard to create an environment that make bullying and harassment less likely to occur. Full Story

    Je me rappelle quand: Bad habits
    10/18/2016 05:01 PM EDT - I have discovered that with every bad habit there is an equal and opposite excuse. For example, the reason you have not seen my column in a while is that I have a bad habit of allowing myself to be distracted. Not that I want to be distracted but something irresistible caught my attention and my focus shifted, it's not my fault. Full Story

    Hill: To white Vermonters: Thinking about being white
    10/18/2016 05:01 PM EDT - I am a white person. But I did not always think of myself as a white person. When you are in the majority, you have the luxury of thinking of yourself as just a "person," and people not like you become the specific others, like "black people" and "Hispanics." You can see the problem here. If white people are the default, then everyone else becomes "racialized," identified by their non-white race. Full Story

    Condos: Just the facts: About rigged elections and voter fraud
    10/18/2016 04:47 PM EDT - Recent unsupported allegations and sensationalized reporting are sowing seeds of doubt about our democratic process. This undermines voter confidence and calls into question whether all voices will be heard on Nov. 8. As Vermont's Secretary of State and chief elections officer, former State Senator, former City Councilor, and lifelong voter, I've been following our elections my entire adult life. Full Story

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    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split up

    Taylor Swift decides Tom Hiddleston isn’t the one after all and hands him his walking papers.