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    Graves Registry: Bringing in the sheaves

    11/30/2015 12:16 PM EST
    There was an op-ed in the New York Times recently titled "President Obama's Hypocrisy on Syria" that seemed kind of out-of-place over a byline that didn't belong to David Brooks. My first thought was that the Times had fallen victim to Rupert Murdoch's insatiable craze for acquiring and destroying media outlets, but a closer look revealed that the column was written by a man named Peter Wehner, 
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    Make America Great Again? Look to Italy
    11/27/2015 09:26 PM EST - There was a time when Americans took pride in their jobs and their country. It didn't matter what you did as long as you did it to the best of your ability and that you took pride in your work. That work ethic paid dividends. You were paid well for your work and when your time came to an end you were able to retire in honor and dignity. Full Story

    Speaking of Religion: Seeking a moral economy
    11/27/2015 09:21 PM EST - A couple dozen people gathered in Webster Hall at Second Congregational Church one Tuesday noon in November to hear Debbie Ingram, of Vermont Interfaith Action, and Paul Cillo, of Public Assets Institute, talk about efforts to Build a Moral Economy in Vermont. Those gathered were members of the Greater Bennington Interfaith Council and their communities, members of the Peace and Justice Center, Full Story

    Guest Column: With Gratitude In Our Hearts, Let's Resolve To End Hunger
    11/25/2015 12:20 PM EST - This week we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and rekindle some of the most important relationships in our lives. All of us in this great and good land have things to be thankful for. Some of us will give special thanks for good health or good fortune over the past year. We are always grateful when we can spend time with our loved ones. Full Story

    The Pun Also Rises: 'Name That Fascist!'
    11/25/2015 12:19 PM EST - Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and welcome to America's favorite game show, Name That Fascist! There are many similarities between three of history's greatest fascists: Joseph "Uncle Joe" Stalin, Benito "Il Duce" Mussolini, and Adolf "Springtime" Hitler. But for all their similarities, there are some differences between Stalin's Russia, Mussolini's Italy, and Hitler's Germany. Full Story

    The Outside Story: The Apple Bears
    11/20/2015 05:38 PM EST - Last week, a black bear in a blaze orange collar showed up in our yard. Two cubs followed close behind. The sow paused to observe the house, then led her cubs up across our field and down into a small stand of apple trees beside the road. There the family feasted on piles of old apples lying in the grass. Full Story

    Postpone the race to legislate recreational marijuana
    11/20/2015 05:38 PM EST - The Vermont Senate Government Operations Committee met in early November to hold hearings on how the mechanics of growing and selling marijuana for recreational purposes, might be established—weeks before the full 2016 Legislature returns. Several columns ago I had requested that this issue be postponed until the state could get many other critical issues under control---the budget, opiate Full Story

    Reversing the trend of rising incarceration rates
    11/19/2015 10:19 PM EST - For most of the last two decades, Vermont's prison inmate population has been rising. Between 1997 and 2008, it grew by 86 percent. Projections made in 2007 said that Vermont's inmate population would grow to 2,619 by November 2015. After years of work to reform Vermont's criminal justice system that trend has been reversed, and today Vermont has 1,734 inmates, 885 less than projected. Full Story

    Health Matters: Overcoming the Obstacles to Reading Together
    11/19/2015 10:19 PM EST - Throughout my 29 year career as a pediatrician, I have seen thousands of children grow and develop from birth through adolescence. As you might expect, I have counseled many patients in aspects of growth and development, vaccinations, proper nutrition and exercise. One of the areas I have been passionate about is literacy. Full Story

    Aging in Place: Discovering a New Holiday Spirit
    11/18/2015 09:04 PM EST - Between the ads pressuring us to shop, shop, shop and the Christmas carols demanding joy and yet more joy still, I sometimes want to . . . well, do something decidedly unjolly. Sure, I love the holidays, but I probably loved them more when they started later and weren't so aggressive. Let's face it; I also miss a lot of people who aren't around to celebrate with. Full Story