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9 children's authors who call the Berkshires home

Springfield may have the twisting rhymes of Dr. Seuss, but the Berkshires has its share of colorful characters brought to life by local children/young adult authors and illustrators.

With school vacation just around the corner, grab a copy of a few of these titles and support some local authors you may not know share your zip code.

Here are nine children's book authors who live in the Berkshires: Full Story

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The Yankee Chef: Indulgent red velvet whoopie pies worth effort

This is a rare treat. Thank you to Sweetie Pie's of Dexter, Maine, for creating a Valentine's Day whoopie pie just for The Yankee Chef, and thusly for you readers. The owner of Sweetie Pie's was named 2016 Best New Baker, as well as the winner of the premier of the Best Yankee Whoopie Pie for 2016. Although lengthy looking, this recipe is the best of the best when it comes to a red velvet whoopie Full Story
Smarty Money: Many options in retirement for couple

DEAR BRUCE >> My wife and I are 62 years old and recently retired. We have substantial federal defined-retirement pensions totaling $80,000 per year that pay our current expenses, plus we have no significant debts. I assume we will forever remain in a fairly high federal income tax bracket with these pensions. Full Story
Stargazers: See Southern Hemisphere constellations

The Earth is round. Now, while most of my readers will find this no great revelation, there are some folks who choose to believe otherwise. Certainly a number of proofs exist that our planet is round, but there's one I'm reminded of every time I lead a group of excited sky watchers to experience a total solar eclipse, as I will again in early March. Full Story
Updated: November 06, 2015 6:52:07 AM EST
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At Hubbard Hall, a new director with a new sense of mission

CAMBRIDGE, N.Y. — At the age of 44, David Andrew Snider is a man on a mission. Full Story
Vermont rabbi wins papal comedy contest
EAST DORSET, VT. — Becoming the "Honorary Comedic Adviser to the Pope" involves something of a leap of faith, especially for a Jewish rabbi from Vermont. Full Story

Take Five| Five questions with author Jeff Belanger
Jeff Belanger: In the paranormal world, he is the ultimate insider and a jack-of-all-trades. The author of more than a dozen books on paranormal legends, covering bizarre phenomena including Big Foot and UFO sightings, ghosts, strange monsters and ancient mysteries, he's also the researcher for "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel and host of the widely popular web and cable talk show "30 Odd Minutes." He's also the host, writer and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated PBS series, "New England Legends." Full Story

'Very Semi-Serious': The story behind who draws laughs at the New Yorker
Everyone knows the New Yorker cartoons, but less certain are the stories of the people behind them and how they actually get in the magazine. Full Story