Berkshires Week & the Shires of Vermont
(courtesy of Mass MoCA)
Kidspace at Mass MoCA | 'Here Comes the Sun': Finding optimism in everyday materials

Artist Federico Uribe uses objects like bullets, shell casings to create animal sculptures to evoke feelings of happiness
NORTH ADAMS, MASS. — Colombian-born, Miami-based artist Federico Uribe just wants to make people happy. Full Story
Southern Vermont cooking challenge Cooking for a worthy cause

Home cooks to compete at fundraiser
BENNINGTON — A few individuals and local businesses have joined together to bring the joy of cooking to the community in a way that supports the homeless. Local food enthusiasts, Chris Bates, Cara Spindler, Stephanie Calabro and Ryan Scutt have partnered with Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless and Madison Brewing Co. Full Story
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Five tips to remember before changing that light bulb

Become a light-bulb expert: 'How many people does it take to change a light bulb?' The answer? Just one — you, with the right safety tips. Here are five things to remember the next time you perform the simple household chore. 1 Turn it off: It may seem like common sense, but how many times have you screwed in a light bulb only to realize you didn't turn off the light switch? Full Story
Stargazers: Stars of a different color amaze

I've been gazing skyward now for more than five decades, and I'm still amazed at all we can see if we simply take the time to look up into a dark sky. Add to that a small telescope and the celestial sights become even more remarkable. Take the colors of stars, for example. Most folks aren't even aware that stars display a variety of hues. Full Story
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(Courtesy of Schantz Galleries Contemporary Art)
Chesterwood: Glass exhibit shines in sun, natural setting

STOCKBRIDGE, MASS. — Chesterwood executive director Donna Hassler, and Jim Schantz, owner and director of Schantz Galleries Contemporary Art in Stockbridge, have done something few people in the world have tried: They have made an outdoor group show entirely of glass. Full Story
Robert Frost's granddaughter kicks off annual 'Sunday Afternoons with Robert Frost' lectures
SHAFTSBURY, VT. — In 1916, when Robert Frost wrote, "The Road Not Taken," he sent a dispatch to future readers. Full Story

Best Bets: Fun things to do in the Berkshires and the Shires of Vermont
Art Good Purpose Gallery show View Scott Taylor's old trucks with attitude and Joanie Ciolfi's expressive abstracts at the Good Purpose Gallery in Lee, Mass. Full Story

Bring the Kids: June 23 - 29
Avoid the annual summer vacation chorus of "I'm bored!" by getting the kids out of the house. Full Story

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Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift BFF, blasts Kanye West's 'snuff film' video

Lena Dunham spoke out against Kanye West's new music video for his song 'Famous,' saying its depictions of Taylor Swift and other sleeping nude female celebrities recalls a 'snuff film' and is harmful to teenage girls and other women.