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Milham Planetarium: Take a tour of the night sky for free

Williams College students host planetarium shows for the public at one of the oldest observatories in the country
WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS — The sky never gets dark in Washington, D.C. Growing up, Rebecca Durst would tug her father onto the sidewalk to look for the five stars bright enough to show against the city lights. Full Story
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Why tomatoes lose flavor in fridge

NEW YORK >> If you buy tomatoes from John Banscher at his farmstand in New Jersey, he'll recommend keeping them out of the fridge or they'll lose some of their taste. Now scientists have figured out why: It's because some of their genes chill out, says a study that may help solve that problem. Cooling tomatoes below 54 degrees stops them from making some of the substances that contribute to Full Story
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Life skills your kids should know

Colleges and employers alike are reporting that young people can't do life's most basic tasks. With all of our emphasis on academics and what it takes to get into college, essential life skills, such as how to do laundry, balance a checking account or cook a meal, have been overlooked. "Life skills are essential for your child to learn how to be independent and become self-sufficient," said Full Story
Great Square of Pegasus: Baseball diamond shines in sky

I remember being a kid and sitting in the front room of my house next to our small black-and-white Motorola television set as my dad introduced me to many of the comedy teams of his day. What a treat it was to share laughter with him over such classic acts as Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, The Bowery Boys and others. Full Story
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We won't be here to remind you, so mark your calendar ...

Harvest Festival at the Pittsfield Farmer's Market: Grab your little ghost, superhero or princess for a Halloween parade around The Common on First Street in Pittsfield, Mass. Full Story
Take Five | Five questions for Mark St. Germain
Mark St. Germain: Playwright Mark St. Germain has had a long and storied history with Barrington Stage Company and its artistic director Julianne Boyd. Full Story

Best Bets in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont for Oct. 6 - 12
Harvest fest Botanical Garden fall fun It's time for the Berkshire Botanical Garden's annual Harvest Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Full Story

49th annual Greylock Ramble: Let's get ready to RAMBLE!
In Adams, Mass., you party on Sunday and hike on Monday. At least, during Columbus Day Weekend you do in honor of the annual ramble up Mount Greylock. Full Story

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split up

Taylor Swift decides Tom Hiddleston isn’t the one after all and hands him his walking papers.