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    Roses & Thorns: Roses to the Caring Dads program

    03/06/2015 04:43 PM EST
    ROSES to the Caring Dads of Bennington County program that has for the last three years given men who have committed crimes of domestic abuse in the past the chance to be better fathers. Many former violent offenders are referred to the 17-week program, which encourages them to think about all of their actions on a continuum, ranging from parent-centric parenting to child-centric parenting. 
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    Another view: Bring the hidden gem into the open
    03/05/2015 05:23 PM EST - Nature lovers rejoice, for the hidden gem up on Hogback Mountain is looking to expand and offer even more educational and inspiring programs for people of all ages. Located at the scenic overlook on Route 9 in West Marlboro, The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum was established in 1996 around the historic Luman Ranger Nelson Natural History Collection, one of the largest collections of Full Story

    Another view: Scathing report on Ferguson is a learning tool
    03/04/2015 05:52 PM EST - In separate but related announcements the U.S. Department of Justice revealed it will not prosecute a former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in the shooting death of a teenager and released a scathing report about the department's entrenched racism. Neither action can be seen as surprising. In deciding not to charge Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the Full Story

    Another view: U.S./Iran negotiations are getting desperate
    03/02/2015 03:55 PM EST - U.S. efforts to cut a deal with Iran over its development of nuclear materials now have about them the stench of desperation. If this is to be the crowning achievement of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, this nation and the Middle East are in deep, deep trouble. In the round of talks just ended in Geneva on Feb. Full Story

    Another view: The purely political assassination of Boris Nemtsov in Russia
    03/02/2015 03:55 PM EST - Political assassinations have often been employed in Russia as an effective tool for keeping order. Nothing like a good high-profile killing to make folks think twice about opposing the government. When these murders occur, there is always much intense ado and finger-pointing. But soon, usually very soon, world events begin to eclipse the killing — even when it is done through bizarre Full Story

    Another view: Temptation is great to claim heroics at war
    03/01/2015 04:31 PM EST - "I can't believe people do this," said Michael Helm, national commander of the American Legion, in response to the latest inaccurate claim of military accomplishment by a high-profile figure. Yet they do and continue to. Mr. Helm was referring to the assertion by Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald that he had served in the military's special forces in an impromptu conversation with a Full Story

    Commentary: Housing — what does it take?
    03/01/2015 04:31 PM EST - Safe, affordable housing is a basic human need. What happens when a family experiences a crisis and is thrown into poverty resulting in loss of housing? "Sally" has been created for illustrative purposes, although her circumstances are similar to those experienced all too often by Bennington families. Full Story

    Another view: Poisonous hypocrisy of Congress
    02/27/2015 08:12 PM EST - The irony is thick in Washington these days. Recently, House Speaker John Boehner chided Democrats in the Senate to "get off their a--" and assist Republicans in passing their Department of Homeland Security funding legislation. What Speaker Boehner won't tell you, or at least talk around, is the fact that the legislation is encumbered by one giant "poison pill. Full Story

    Roses to three who touched many lives in Bennington
    02/27/2015 06:50 PM EST - ROSES to the memories of three well-known and well-loved people who touched the lives of many in the Bennington area and who all passed away this week. Harriette Leidich, who wrote the "Senior Moments" column for the Banner, died Tuesday at 102. Ernest Robert Hemmings, the father of Hemmings Motor News, died Thursday at the age of 89. Full Story

    We support the fluoridation of water in Bennington
    02/27/2015 06:48 PM EST - Residents of Bennington and North Bennington will vote on March 3 whether to increase the fluoride content of Bennington's municipal water supply from 0.1 to 0.7 parts per million. The vote is advisory and the ultimate decision will be made by the Select Board. Bennington residents, particularly those of lesser means, have a high rate of dental problems. Full Story

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    Secret to The Lumineers' success? A newspaper columnist

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A member of The Lumineers says a picture of a New Jersey newspaper columnist is the secret to the band's success. Full Story
    (Doug Pizac/AP)
    Deliberations in 'Blurred Lines' case to resume Tuesday

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A jury has completed its first full day of deliberations in a copyright infringement case in which Marvin Gaye's family claims the 2013 hit "Blurred Lines" copied their father's music. Full Story
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    Katie Couric returning to NBC?

    New network news chief Andy Lack reportedly has good relationship with former 'Today’ co-host.